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5 reasons to hire a destination photographer | San Diego Photographer

5 reasons to hire a destination photographer | San Diego Photographer

I have always dreamed of becoming a destination photographer, but my last several sessions have me realizing how lucky I am to live in a vacation destination as a San Diego Photographer. Whether you are visiting sunny San Diego or exotic Ecuador, here are 5 reasons you should hire a professional photographer while on vacation! 

5 reasons to hire a destination photographer | San Diego Photographer Destination Photographer

1. “But did it reeeallllly happen if you didn’t take a picture?”

One of my guilty pleasures includes scrolling social media and seeing everyone’s vacation pictures. As a friend, I love seeing the places everyone is visiting and the memories they are making. As a photographer, I wish I was invited on those trips, not only for the party, but to make sure those moments are captured beautifully.  Your vacations deserve high quality documentation for your high quality memories. 

Destination Photographer

2. Expert Alert

A great reason to hire a photographer while you are on vacation is that a local photographer knows all the beautiful places and angles to get the shots you want! Your photographer will also know all the best parking spots, crowd hacks and what spaces will work best for your group. As a San Diego Photographer, I have shot at Scripps Pier in La Jolla so many times, I could do it in my sleep! Trust the locals. 

Another benefit to hiring a local photographer is their knowledge of all the best times of day to shoot at your favorite locations! You want the best and most dreamiest light to reflect the beauty of the vacation that you spent a lot of time and money planning! 

Destination Photographer

3. Selfies are great, but what about the background?

Selfies are convienent when you’re at your local amusement park, but let’s be honest. When you are in a tropical paradise, a beautiful blooming desert, or a winter wonderland, you are going to want a backdrop that shows all the beauty in the space around you. When you take a selfie you lose the background, not everyone is showing their best angels, and not everyone fits in the frame. Hire a professional. 

Destination Photographer

4. Stranger Danger 

In addition to getting rid of selfies, how about not trusting strangers walking by with the confidence to show all your best side. How many times have you handed your phone over to Joe Blow to take a cute picture of you and it’s blurry, your eyes are closed, or someone tried to be funny and photobombed your picture? How many times have you gone through your phone and you are posed the exact same way in every picture because posing yourself is weird.

Leave it to a professional that will make you look like a thousand bucks. This will give you and your crew a reason to dress in your best so you can spend the rest of your vacation in your swimsuit or sweats or hiking clothes! Not to mention, am I the only one that has a thought when I hand over my phone to a complete stranger that “man I hope I backed everything up on icloud because this could be the last time I see my phone?”

Destination Photographer

5. When was the last time you were all together?

As your family grows, the opportunities where everyone in your family is in the same place at the same time is rare. Vacations are usually planned around everyone’s busy schedules and it is the perfect excuse to capture a family portrait while you’re all together in a beautiful place! Hire a professional. 

Destination Photographer Destination Photographer

Kaylah and her family are from Arizona and I was so happy when she organized a family picture for when she would be on vacation with her mom, her sister, and their families in Orange County! They rented a beautiful house with a private beach in Dana Point and it was the perfect place to document their family. We made sure to get those Nana and grandbaby pictures! Her sister Brittany was expecting her second baby girl and we were able to get a few maternity shots while we were there! I think we sold Kaylah on the idea because I will be shooting her husband’s side of the family while they are in oceanside for a family reunion this summer! 

Destination Photographer

Now don’t forget to book a photographer when you book your vacation!   And in case you are wondering, even though I am a San Diego photographer, I do travel ;). 


August 11, 2021

Shelby Preston

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