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Aligned Course | Kylee Ann Coaching

Alycia with Kylee Ann Studios is a family photographer! She took these amazing family pictures in the blush door studio. She is an incredible family photographer.

I have been on a personal development journey. A lot of it thanks to Kylee Ann Coaching courses! I binged becoming a brand photographer and it was sooo inspiring! I am now working on the Aligned course. I have changed my daily life by daily journaling. One of the main things Kylee teaches is black journaling and gratitude journaling! These are great tools in healing your mindset and reframing your thoughts. I didn’t realize how many negative thoughts I was having. It is crazy how in the first DAY you already start reframing your thoughts!

I was also able to go back to the gym. A thought I was having that wasn’t serving me was, “having kids made my body weak.” I was able to reframe that thought to “i have the opportunity to strengthen my body. Bodies are miracles!” What a huge shift!! The whole outlook I had on the whole situation changed and is serving my mind and body. Our own thoughts can hold us back. We often times get in our own way and hold ourselves back! I personally have self Sabotaged a lot in my life. I am so blessed to be able to take these courses and Change my mind which will then change my life.

Aligned Course

I do feel overwhelmed at times. Doing the mindset work can be overwhelming because we then have to put in a lot of effort to be better. 😅 that is definitely a thought that I will need to reframe because personal development will serve my life sooooo much more than I could even comprehend.

Some of my favorite things about the aligned course are the black journalling and gratitude journaling. I used to journal allll the time growing up but stopped when I got married. That was the start of social media anyway so documenting our lives became a bit different anyway. Not only do I love journalling because of the documentation but because of how it can heal our thoughts and experiences. It is also a great too for reflecting on our thoughts and actually deciding how we feel. We can turn our thoughts and feelings into positive affirmations that can help us change our mindset.

Aligned Course

I LOVE mindset work and think that it is sooo powerful. If you are feeling stuck in your business and life, it might be your mindset or negative beliefs holding you back! Taking Kylee’s aligned course and coaching program is a remarkable tool to help you get unstuck and aligned in your purpose and move forward in confidence!

Aligned Course

January 27, 2022

Nicole Erickson

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