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Meet Kylee

Announcing the Kylee Mentors Moms Podcast

What? It’s Kylee Ann in the podcasting world, this is big news! Kylee Mentors Moms Podcast is here!

When I announced I was finally starting a podcast, it sounded like no one was surprised and everyone saw it coming. But if you had a conversation with me about podcasting, I’ve always said, “No, I’d rather be a guest podcaster, that’s just too much work. I don’t have the setup, I don’t have the time, I don’t have the blah, blah, blah,.” I swore that I would never start my own podcast. I’ve loved being on podcasts as a guest podcaster, but have had no interest in starting my own.
  1. There’s so much content out there. And
  2. I’m a perfectionist and I never had the right time, space, equipment and
  3. I didn’t have a narrow enough audience.

But here I am, anyways. It’s not perfect. But it’s me…doing what I love and sharing it with you!

Kylee Mentors Moms Podcast

My goal is to empower moms in life and business every day.

I want it to be a place where people can come to get bite-size little nuggets of wisdom to empower them in their role as a business owner and as a mother or daughter or a friend or coworker. Whatever it is that you juggle in your life, I want to help you with all of those things.
Right now I have 12 weeks of content planned out on all the things I think are foundations for building a successful business. A few business strategies, a lot about mindset, mom-guilt and how to balance it all.

Launching with a raspy voice because perfection is overrated

I am launching my first podcast with allergies because I decided I’m done being a perfectionist. I’m done letting that stop me from doing things in my business. So this episode, it might have me stammering over my words. It’s going to have a raspy voice. If you’re watching the YouTube version, you’ll see my mom bun because guess what? I don’t like doing my hair and I’m not going to wait until I curl my hair, which will never happen to record this podcast.
I won’t promise it will be perfect, but I’ll promise that I’ll show up for you! I will do my best to make these conversations short and friendly and just feel like I’m talking to my friends. Thanks for being here friends. I am just really excited to see where this takes us.

If I’m talking to moms in business, we have to get back to business first!

I wanted to start with a topic that’s weird to launch a podcast with, but also so necessary. It’s called Getting Back to Work After a Pandemic, and I’m sure we’re all tired of hearing about COVID-19 and pandemic and quarantine, we’re done with it, right? But I felt like I could not start a podcast about moms and business when moms aren’t in business right now.

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