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Beauty Budget Here’s why you need a beauty budget! On the wedding day, it’s important to look your best. Not because of the pictures. Not because you’re trying to flex for his cousins or college buddies or the old childhood girl friends you’ve never met…. Whats it about then? It’s about feeling like a bride–like […]

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It happens to the best of us… Have you ever been tagged in an ugly photo on facebook & asked yourself WHY did I make that face?! You’re not alone. I’ve seen this happen with wedding pictures as well, especially the most critical moments of the ceremony. Like walking down the aisle, or a temple […]

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Say YES! to the Dress I always wanted to see my mom’s wedding dress–I even remember being a small little girl and asking her if I could see it and try it on. My mom rented her dress because they were so poor and wanted to save money. So I only ever got to see […]

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Finding the Perfect Bridesmaids Dresses feels Impossible I was so excited to start looking for bridesmaids dresses for my girls. I vowed to myself that I’d only choose dresses that made EVERYONE look and feel stunning on my wedding day. With 10 bridesmaids, I knew it would be a challenge, but I never realized how […]

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I usually save the best for last, but when you get started planning your wedding, there are some fun things to do to kick off your engagement & prepare for the hard decisions & planning to come. Here’s the deal: you can’t do it alone. It can get quite stressful, so having toys to relieve […]

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What Hollywood Teaches Us About Weddings Wedding movies are a category all of their own. I love everything weddings, & especially movies about weddings. I’m sure you’ll see references, quotes & inspiration from these (the best wedding movies) in future blogs & likely in my future wedding.  I personally have never been married so almost everything […]

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Expanding Your Photography Business in 48 Hours When I started at Kylee Ann Studios, I was so amazed at how organized and simple the business model was. There are dozens of resources Kylee uses everyday to simplify the process of creating content, posting on social media, sending emails, Pinning, scheduling posts, etc. Every person at […]

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A Day To Remember We often hear weddings described as “the best day of your life”, “the most important day of your life”, “a day to remember”… It’s every bride and groom’s dream to feel this way on that special day. In all reality, it can be a very high stress day, and if you’re […]

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Choosing the perfect cake for your wedding will depend on your traditions, preference, and the theme or style of your wedding. An ancient wedding tradition was for the bride and groom to break bread with family and friends on their wedding day. It’s become the tradition we now know as “cutting the cake”. It’s meant […]


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