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Birchly Modern Baby Toys Brand Photographer

As a baby toys brand photographer, most of the brands I shoot are colorful and soft. This highlo modern brand is so fun because it is BOLD. Many of the black and white toys come alive with unique animals and shapes. The colorful toys are very modern looking that make them fun and unique. It’s interesting to see how they take very common concepts for toys–cars, mobiles, etc. and turn them distinctive and uncommon. Their one of a kind stuffed animals, puzzles, and cars are the tip of the iceberg with this brand.

Happy Momma, Happy Baby

My college degree has nothing to do with business or marketing or being a baby toys brand photographer… So what I learned came from high school, my own independent learning and experience. One of the key aspects of any business, organization, or leadership group is their values and a mission statement. It’s important for companies to make decisions with their values in mind. It helps them stay true to their brand.

Something I love about these modern baby toys is that they are align with values that are important to parents:

honest, ethical,
and absolutely adorable.

” To ensure that all our standards are met they conduct regular audits of all stages of production and adhere to the world’s leading certification for organic textiles. By choosing to be 100% sweatshop-free, we ensure that children play in our clothes, not make them. In little ways & big ways – we’re always looking for ways we can give back ”

You don’t have to be a baby toys brand photographer to know whats best for your kid. After all, you’re the one who’s going to be picking up the toys at the end of the day. It’s important to get things that your kids love, and that you love. It’s so much easier to appreciate the toys littering the floor when you absolutely love them. You may value the company’s vision statement, the aesthetic, or the brand. Whatever it is, your baby deserves the best and so do you!

November 9, 2020

Kylee Maughan

I’m a mom building a business and community from the comfiest spot on my bed. What started as girl with a camera turned into a dream business. With God and my husband by my side, I have grown this one woman amateur show into the best team. I have five incredible women by my side serving hundreds of brides, families and brands each year. I also get to help other women (mainly moms) create thriving businesses from home and grow a community of kind creatives.

Kylee Ann Mentors moms on all things business. Join us weekly for short bite sized episodes with takeaways that empower you in your role as a business owner and mother! 


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