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Brody and Piper meeting Baby Rowen | Fresh 48 Logan Utah

Fresh 48 Logan Utah

I’m one of those weirdos that actually LOVES being in the hospital.

Seriously, I missed it the second I got home, and wanted to go back. I love having one-on-one time with my newest little babe. I love being able to lay in bed all day with a nakey baby on my chest and not caring about how gross or tired I am. I love that all my food, drugs and supplies are brought to me bedside. The reality of how sore and how tired I am hasn’t hit yet, and the nurses are always so sweet. Obviously there are some downsides like way to many check ins and interrupted, uncomfortable sleep, but the pros outweigh the cons in my opinion.

The first night was short.

It started at 4am and ended at 7am. Rowen snuggled up naked on my chest during those three sweet hours of sleep. It was very little sleep but enough to get me through a full day of check ins, check ups and visitors. I snuggled my baby alllll morning long, and then finally got the energy to get up and shower, get ready and show off little brother to his proud big sibs.

Brody and Piper were so excited to meet baby Rowen.

Piper called Rowen “baby Rowen” all the way up until we brought him home, but now he is “baby baby” in the most adorable voice. All she wanted to do was tickle him.  Brody was soooo excited to meet his brother. He asked so many questions. “Does he like me? Can he hear me? Does he know we love him?” He wanted to hold him the entire time they were visiting. Piper was excited too, but a little shy about meeting Rowen for the first time. They took turns holding him. Back and forth, back and forth until everyone was exhausted.

There’s nothing sweeter than having all my babies wrapped up in my arms.

The second best part of those first few days with Rowen was seeing him so loved by his big brother and sister. And the love hasn’t stopped. Brody and Piper are so sweet, and so helpful with their new baby. They want to hold him, love on him and sing to him constantly. My heart is so full. I am so grateful to by a momma of all three of these beautiful babies.

Fresh 48 Logan Utah

Fresh 48 Logan Utah Photography by my amazing friend, Britt Cascio + editing by me.

Videography by Lauren, my twin sister. She has started learning how to do video to capture her own little family. She asked me to give her an hour notice to come up and work with my camera for the first time. Instead I gave her about a 5 minute notice….sorry Lo. We are so in love with the video she made though.

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