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Say Goodbye to Pink (my fave color) It’s time to put away those bright summer colors, and whip out the Best Blush for Winter! I used to have one neutral blush all year round, but I have found that switching up my make up each season makes me more excited to get ready! Even living […]

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Motivation is Garbage ? I had the HONOR of listening to Mel Robbins at Yoli‘s Annual Convention a few years ago. She wrote an incredible book called the 5 Second Rule. Mel discovered a rule that changed her life. Backed by science and so many personal testimonies, 5 seconds can change all of our lives. In […]

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Tips for Flawless Make Up Application ✨A little goes a long way. Less is more with Maskcara. It shouldn’t feel cakey or slide around your face. It should sink into your skin. When in doubt, use less!!! If you need added coverage then build it in thin layers ✨Make it look like beautiful, glowy skin […]

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1. Open Your Mouth If you want to connect, you have to talk! Open your mouth everywhere you go. The best way to find connections with people is by talking. I have this talent of being able to hear the deepest life story from almost anyone I meet. All it takes is: Be genuine, be interested, be a listener and ask questions. […]

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Contour is meant to shape your face and enhance your best features! This color is deeper than your natural skin tone. It creates and accentuates the shadows on your face giving dimension. You use it on your forehead, beneath cheekbones, jaw line and sides of your nose.  Let me teach you how to contour ! […]

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I didn’t realize how fortunate I was to grow up as a child of a network marketer until I was back in the network marketing world. Its in this world where the focus is on bettering ourselves, developing as human beings and always thinking positively. Mindset is the key to success in our kind of […]

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One of the most important parts of flawless make up application is keeping your blushes clean. Bacteria can easily live on make up brushes. This causes acne break outs and possibilities of infections and rashes of all sorts. PLUS, when your make up brushes are filled with product, they won’t spread your make up as […]

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Maskcara convention filled me to the brim. We were immersed in the sisterhood. 1200 women together in one room bonding over our unique stories, new make up colors and our love for empowering women. We laughed, we cried, we celebrated and we grew. Team Bonding It’s amazing how close and connected you can become through […]

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Tips to the Perfect Sunless Tan Thank you for one of our favorite clients and supporters for supplying us with the tips for a perfect sunless tan! Lindsee Jean is a pro at all things beauty and knows all the best ways to help our brides gain a glowy tan without any skin damage! Enjoy! […]

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Running a business isn’t all kicks and giggles. Theres a lot of stress, tears, overwhelm and work involved to make a business successful. Despite the constant effort to keep it growing, running a business has it’s perks. TAX WRITE OFFS! (Disclaimer: Be sure to ask YOUR accountant what is right and wrong for your business) […]

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To answer the question I get all the time…..How to Sign Up as a Maskcara Artist! It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Go to and click “Become an Artist” Type in my Artist number #3942 Choose your KIT! Patiently wait by the mailbox for all your pretty make up to arrive Why would you want […]

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Eyeshadows is one of those things I felt very “newb” on when I joined Maskcara last August. Before Maskcara, I had the basic neutral Elf palette for as long as I can remember. I typically only used one or two colors and did my eye shadow the same way every single day. When I signed […]

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