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Choosing a Location for Your Extended Family Session | Mathews Family

If you like to get your family photos done regularly, especially in Logan, Utah, you have a lot of fun locations to choose from! I have some tips for you when it comes to choosing a location for your extended family session.

Choosing a Location for Your Extended Family Session

  1. Accessibility

Accessibility is really important when it comes to your family pictures. If you have family members with special needs or different abilities when it comes to getting around, you will want to accommodate that at your family photography location. If the ground is really bumpy and uneven, that can be hard for older people or differently abled people to walk. When choosing a location for a big group of people, it is important to keep in mind what the terrain will be like. There are definitely options out there that are more easily accessible. If you have a lot of little children at your shoot, it is important that we have a location that accommodates a restroom.  It is also important that we have a location that can fit your big group without crowding!

  1. Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects to a family photography session for us photographers. When photographing a big group, it is often hard to choose a time of day that works for everyone’s work or travel schedule. Ideally, we take pictures in the morning or evening. Trust us, good lighting can make or break the photos! If we have to shoot at less than idea time, the photographers can help pick out a spot with even lighting.

  1. Distracting backgrounds

Some backgrounds might be pretty to look at, but they might not photograph well. It is important to pick a location that will make your family stand out and just compliment your family! Not only do we want to avoid visually distracting locations, but locations that might be too distracting for little children. IF there is a playground right in sight, that might be hard for little toddlers to focus lol

Choosing a Location for Your Extended Family Session

  1. Distance to the location/ parking

When planning photos for a big group, it is important to take into account the parking at the location. If you have to travel a long distance, that might be stressful for some, however, some of our best locations are 30 minutes away from cache valley and totally worth the drive! It is also important to analyze if the location has enough parking for all of the vehicles that are coming to your family photography session.

  1. Weather

Take into account the time of year that your session will be and what the weather is going to be like or could be like! Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather, dressing in light clothing in the summer and warm clothing in the fall and winter. Weather may make the accessibility conditions different so be aware of that!

Choosing a Location for Your Extended Family Session Choosing a Location for Your Extended Family Session

These are all important things to remember when you are planning family photos for your extended family! It is no easy task getting your family all together for photos! WAY to go on getting that done and getting your family documented!

May 16, 2022

Nicole Erickson

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