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Creative Flat Lays to launch Living the Good Life Naturally new products

I don’t doubt that you are selling exactly what people want, need and have to buy.

But do the pictures do your product justice?

I have seen GREAT products with terrible pictures tank on their launches. Remember that until your product is in people’s hands, all they learn about it is in the story that YOU tell. The story you tell with pictures, with words and when videos. This why I am so passionate about teaching brands marketing alongside being their brand photographer. YOU are in charge of what people see and know about your product.

Living the Good Life Naturally have always been great at launching their products.

Their hearts are a big part of it, but also the stories they tell. This launch was inspired by their sweet grandma. Their grandma was a southern belle from a town in Georgia, known for peaches! They incorporated photos of grandma, journal entries, peaches and other ingredients found inside these products.

It’s clear that these products are high end because of the thoughtful, professional branding and professional photography. But what takes their launch to the next level is that personal, thoughtful touch.

I love being challenged creatively.

Taking pictures of products used to be scary and boring, but it has become one of my most favorite thing to photograph. I love taking a pile of chaos and turning it into a story. While I was piecing together these bath bombs and lotions into flat lays, I was thinking of all the captions that could go with each image.

Thinking of the story that my brand needs to tell with the photos helps me be more creative in how I style each photo- whether it’s a post about the ingredients in a product or the story behind it.

Living the Good Life Naturally Living the Good Life Naturally


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