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Family Photography at Your Home | Hobbs Family

Family Photography at Your Home | Hobbs Family

It can be a struggle to decide where to take family pictures year after year. I know that our family likes to get pictures taken year after year. Sometimes we end up reusing the same spot again, and sometimes we try something new. We have gotten pictures taken inside our home, inside a studio, and several places out in nature in our valley.

The Hobbs family likes to get their family photos taken at their home in Preston Idaho! I first met them at their family session. The Hobbs are clients of my coworker, Rachel and they love her. I was happy I could take pictures for their family as Rachel was out of town. They have used different areas on their property for different looks for their family pictures.

Family Photography at Your Home Family Photography at Your Home

This time, they chose the front of their house in some landscaping with the house showing in the background. We took the pictures during golden hour. We ended up delaying our session about 45 minutes for some better light since the subjects would be facing the light.

The family wore formal clothing which is a great way to change up your family photos! Getting dressed up is never a bad idea for your family photography session.

Family Photography at Your Home

Taking pictures at your own home can take a little bit of stress out of family pictures because you don’t have to travel and the photographer just shows up when you are ready and takes the pictures. It is also a special place for your family, so the photos hold a lot of meaning and memory.

You can change up the pictures at home by taking photos inside in a well lit area, taking pictures on different sides of your house and even taking pictures at different times of day for different lighting situations and opportunities.

Family Photography at Your Home

Taking pictures at home is also unique because no one else has taken family photographs at your home, therefore your family pictures don’t look like anyone else’s!

If you are having a hard time deciding where to take family pictures, consider taking them on your private property or in your home! Talk to your photographer about the lighting situation and what time of day would be best for your photographs.


December 31, 2021

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