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Family Pictures don’t have to be a Disaster!

Family Pictures don’t have to be a Disaster! I am here to give you a few reminders on how to manage the chaos while looking fantastic!

#1: Don’t worry about the kids (or husband)

As a professional photographer, I will make sure you guys get in the right spot for your pictures and will be ready to get that perfect, over the mantle shot for your living room wall!

I just need your help, and you as the parent, have the easiest job. Big kids and adults can take direction the easiest and if all who are capable are paying attention then I can take care of the littles.

Kids tend to have the worst case of the wiggles/hanger/cries of all their lives while family pictures are happening amiright? Let’s not let irony get the best of us when mom and dad mess up the shot because the kids are all looking, and they are in mid scold/threat.

I mean, it will still be a great shot with lots of laughs and memories to share for years. I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve to help get the kids to cooperate, or we try something new. I’m sure we both agree that bribery is not above any of us!

Family Pictures don't have to be a Disaster!

#2: Don’t Overthink!

My next piece of advice is to slow down and don’t overthink it! Fussing with clothes or positions might result in delaying the shot and missing an opportunity for a great shot!

I am your expert and my job is to make you look fantastic and I am committed to that! As your photographer, I will train your family. You will receive clear instructions and we will work through my arsonal of poses.

All you have to do is follow my directions and smile unless told otherwise haha. Let me focus on the details, snot and boogies included!

Family Pictures don't have to be a Disaster! Family Pictures don't have to be a Disaster!

#3: Have Fun!

Most importantly, this hour for family pictures is supposed to be a night of fun! I will make sure to get all the posed, put together shots, but I leave room for all the candid moments! Having all the fun is the best way to capture everyone’s personality, young and old!

Family Pictures don't have to be a Disaster!

March 3, 2022

Shelby Preston

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