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Bride Tip • Finding Bridesmaids Dresses that Look Good on Everyone

Finding the Perfect Bridesmaids Dresses feels Impossible

I was so excited to start looking for bridesmaids dresses for my girls. I vowed to myself that I’d only choose dresses that made EVERYONE look and feel stunning on my wedding day. With 10 bridesmaids, I knew it would be a challenge, but I never realized how many hours of searching it would take.

I always wanted my bridesmaids to be in similar dresses but I love the weddings where they weren’t perfectly matched. But when I started looking, I realized it would be too hard to figure that out. I settled for just finding one perfect dress. Turns out that’s impossible too. I visited all my favorite stores, I tried using Pinterest, I tried shopping on google– I was looking for long sleeve floor length dresses in green.

How I Found the PERFECT Dresses

In my desperation, I turned to my last resort-Amazon Prime. You can’t beat the 2 day shipping and free returns anywhere else. But I was worried that they would look cheap. So I chose like 6 different dresses in my sister’s size and ordered them.

Two days later there was a fashion show and we ended up loving one of the dresses. It was a Koh Koh maxi dress. The long sleeves and fabric were so elegant, it was floor length and looked amazing on Kylee. Not all of my bridesmaids loved it, though.

Since I felt like I could trust the brand, I went back to Amazon, and I searched: Koh Koh emerald maxi dress. As it turns out, there were 12 styles  of the same dress–the same fabric, the same color, the same length, a similar look.

Making Sure They Look Good On Everyone

I took a screenshot the 12 styles and sent them to each bridesmaid to choose their favorite. Since they were amazon prime, it didn’t matter if the style was wrong or if it didn’t fit right because they could send it back and have a different one shipped to them within days.

All my bridesmaids looked and felt beautiful. The dresses looked exactly as I always hoped they would look.


Bridesmaids Dresses that Look Good on Everyone Bridesmaids Dresses that Look Good on Everyone Bridesmaids Dresses that Look Good on Everyone

April 30, 2019

Brooklyn Falter

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