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Three Reasons to get Married at the Logan Utah Temple | Advice from a Local Photographer

Hey Rachel here! As a local Logan Utah Wedding Photographer who has traveled the US and internationally for weddings, I feel qualified to say that Logan is an AMAZING temple to be married in! There are so many pros to having your wedding in beautiful Cache Valley! Here are just a few!

Pioneer Heritage

Logan Temple was the second Temple built in the state of Utah by Pioneers! For some couples, it is important to them to be married in a building that holds a stunning history! Being married in a building that is over 130 years old is a great way to honor your forever marriage!! Now that Salt Lake Temple is closed (2020-2024), Logan its a great alternative to honor your pioneer heritage and get photos with a building that will always look timeless!!

Logan Temple Wedding

Unique Temple

This building took almost a decade to build in the late 1800’s and the stunning handcrafted feel is not lost now! It is made of rough hewn limestone mined from Logan Canyon! This temple is NOT white and so you and your wedding dress will not blend into the temple! You will pop right off of the warm tone exterior of the temple!! It will make your pictures look stunning!

Less Busy than other Temples

Logan Temple is the venue for many brides and grooms every year but generally there are 10 or less weddings every weekend! Opposed to Temples in Provo and Salt Lake, that host 20-30 weddings a weekend, Logan is a hidden gem! I rarely have to wait for other wedding groups to move along and there is enough room to share!

Cache Valley is Cheaper to Get Married in

Logan is the best place to get married in, not only for the temple, but because the vendors and the venues are cheaper here than they are in Salt Lake or Provo! You can make your budget stretch farther by getting married here! When you book me as your photographer I will send you to all my favorite vendors in the area! 

Bonus Tip

Logan is the Temple I learned to be a photographer at! When I was just starting out I would go sit at Logan Temple and watch the other photographers so I quickly learned all the secret photography spots!! I’ll show them to you!!! I’ve shot here more than anywhere else and LOVE getting to go back!!!     


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August 11, 2020

Rachel Hudson

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