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Bride Tip • Perfect Getting Ready Photos

Mastering the Getting Ready Photos

It is the day you have been dreaming of since you were a little girl. Today is no ordinary day, and the primping and pampering beforehand is something you will want to remember. You are able to spend peaceful moments with all of your girls. That getting ready time is special. It literally is the calm before the storm. As the bride, you get to sit, be pampered, and just enjoy. And on top of that, the Getting Ready Photos can often be some of the most beautiful photos of the entire wedding. We get to capture your “something blue”, your dress on that special hanger, and close ups of florals, jewelry, garter… ah! it is just so exciting. If you can’t tell, I LOVE the getting ready photos and want to share a 4 tips on how to make yours, fabulous!



With everything you have to coordinate, the getting ready room sometimes becomes an afterthought. Do NOT let this happen! Make it a priority to have a great room. It will ensure the best possible pictures as well as create a calming space for you (trust me, you will want a little calm in your day!)

For the best Getting Ready Photos, this room should be spacious and well lit, preferably with natural light. Your room should also match the style of your venue. Often times wedding venue’s have bridal suites specifically for this getting ready time! As you are shopping around for venues, ask what options are available. This extra effort will make a huge difference in the quality of your Getting Ready Photos!


After I get ready for the day, my bathroom sink looks like a war zone. 😏 And that’s just me! If you add all of your bridesmaid’s, mom, and whoever else is using the room, the clutter can add up FAST. Be straight forward with everyone and explain that you would like to keep the room as clean as possible. Many of my Kylee Ann brides have set apart a well lit wall/corner that is deemed just for pictures. Shove those suitcases under beds. Hide everything that doesn’t match with your wedding theme in the closet. Take down pictures on the wall or weird lamps. Make this space yours! With Getting Ready Photos… Less is MORE!



Along with the obvious Getting Ready Photos like makeup application and putting on the dress, this time is perfect for doing close ups of all your little details! Write a list of the wedding details you MUST have photographed. To give you an idea, some common ones my bride’s ask for are:

  • Shoes
  • Rings
  • Flat lay of dress with special hanger
  • Wedding Dress Beading
  • Bridal Bouquet
  • Veil Trimming
  • Garter
  • Perfume Bottle
  • Jewelry
  • Vows
  • Wedding Invitation Invites
  • The Something “Old, New, Borrowed, & Blue”

This is just a starter list. Make it your own! Add what is important to you. I also recommend having someone in charge of helping your photographer gather all of these items. You won’t have to stress about it and your photographer won’t spend valuable time hunting every item down! This is a fantastic job for a mom or mother-in-law who are looking for ways to help.


Tip #4 – THE GROOM

He won’t have curlers in his hair or mascara to apply, but this is a special day for him too. And making sure to include him in the Getting Ready Photos helps him know he is important! I had thee best time with my groom Blake! Jessie and Blake’s wedding were married just this last fall on a beautiful October afternoon, and it was absolutely perfect.

These are such fun pictures to have – tying the tie, buttoning up buttons, putting on cufflinks, and of course groomsmen are always welcome. One tip for the guys, make sure their pockets are empty. Bulging pants and suit coats are not flattering. Taking out the keys, wallets, and cell phones make such a difference.

written by Bryn Rounds

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May 14, 2019

Kylee Maughan

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