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Green Rolling Hills | Tunnel Springs Engagements

Green Rolling Hills Pictures | Salt Lake City Engagements | Tunnel Springs

These green rolling hills engagements were absolutely breath taking. Utah is such a cool place. We have so many different landscapes! But these pictures were even more special to me because I got to photograph my best friend and her fiance. Rachel has been my best friend for over 10 years. We met in high school. We were instantly best friends. Every year since then I’ve thought we had the deepest friendship ever. Somehow every year, it gets ever richer. We’ve gone from silly teenagers chasing boys around Layton city to sophisticated adults having philosophical conversations. I’m only joking a little bit about the last part ;)

Rachel is the person I have had the most dating, marriage, and relationship conversations with. We’ve asked ourselves for 10 years how you choose someone to marry. The truth is, I don’t think you ever know for sure. I think that’s what contributes to marriage being such a sacred commitment. You don’t know someone is right, you choose every day to make them the right choice. I love that I got to hear all of Rachel’s thoughts about the dating process with Greg. She went from unsure to having several confirmations that Greg was a good choice for a husband. I remember laying in her bed when she told me that her dad gave her mother’s diamond to Greg to use for her engagement ring, and from the second on, I knew this was going to be a great marriage. That was a beautiful custom engagement ring, as she described it. Apparently, they used to have wedding rings designed to your specifications back in the days when her father proposed.

I love photographing a wedding because I get to know my clients so well. Obviously I already  know Rachel better than anyone else that I know. But I felt a little spoiled getting to spend so an entire evening together with the two of them during their engagement. Greg loves Rachel so so much. I couldn’t ask for anything more for my best friends!!







October 16, 2018

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