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Guinto family Pictures | Tibble Fork Utah

Guinto family Pictures | Tibble Fork Utah

Kyle and Jennifer are old friends of Kylee and I was honored for them to be my first fall family session! They live in the Provo, Utah area and wanted to be sure to get some beautiful family colors. We threw around the idea of Tibble Fork, but I was worried it would be really, really busy on a Saturday, and the first weekend of fall colors all over Utah. 

We met in a Grocery Store parking lot to make sure we wouldn’t lose each other in the canyon as we lost service. As we caravanned into the canyon, we passed the lake and decided to drive up to the top where there were very few other photographers and families, to an overlook. The short road to the lot at the top was lead by a paved switchback path with a beautiful view of the mountain and the valley below, speckled with leaves of orange, red, and yellow. 

The Guinto boys were having so much fun making faces and smiling at mom and dad as they walked hand in hand alongside the ridge of the mountain. Little Luca was not a fan of having me in his face with the camera, so we all got in on the fun and chased him around and tickled him until we could get some pretty cute faces. 

After our session, we looked over the beauty at Tibble Fork. Kyle is from Seattle and his mother is from the San Francisco Bay Area (as am I) and we talked about the similarities of the trees and forestry of where we’re from and also the differences. 

We really got lucky with the first crisp fall weekend up in the beautiful mountains of Utah. The sun was shining, the weather was warm, and we captured some cute memories of this sweet family. 

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October 30, 2020

Shelby Preston

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