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How to Avoid Burnout as a Maskcara Artist Team Leader

Bleh. Burn out.

The cycle of running a business is rough.

You start out so excited. You’re happy to work for pennies (or negative pennies) because the possibilities are endless and the motivation is coming from all directions. Late nights, all nighters and early mornings become the norm because you are living your dreams. Then the business starts coming in. They feel your energy and they want to hop on board. You start accepting any and all things pertaining to your new business and life is good – color matches every night of the week or during family dinner, phone appointment at 10pm, etc etc. You don’t care if it’s inconvenient for you because you want to keep all potential customers happy.

Then you start getting behind on the things that make your business run. You’re overworked and spread too thin. You forget to text people back or accidentally miss appointments. You stop posting on social media. You avoid phone calls. Then the bad word of mouth comes. And you are just plain BURNT OUT!

Because I am running three businesses, I have had to learn how to separate myself from my business, manage my time and set boundaries pretty quick.

How to AVOID BURNOUT as a team leader in Maskcara Beauty

1. Manage Your Time

You must schedule everything! Your time on, your time off and your work days.Allow appointments ONLY on certain days and times. And set limits for yourself before you even get busy. When are your office hours? Do you prefer email, text, voxer, DM, Facebook or Marco Polo? Choose TWO. You do not have to be available to everyone at all times. YOU are your top priority!

2. Focus on YOUR customers first

Focus on your customers then help your artists help their customers. The best gift you can give to your artists is independence. Also give your direct line your best treatment. There will come a time when you have layers and layers of artists. Remember who picked to work with you. Teach them independence, and they will teach their artists independence. Teach your artists to go to ASK first, then their DIRECT line.

3. Be Proactive

BEFORE you get your first customer, you should have a script on what you want to say when they say “so what is Maskcara?” You should have already figured out the graphics you want to send, the pricing, the information, etc. When you sign up your first artist, you should have a game plan. Where do you send them first? What’s their first move?

Be PROACTIVE instead of reactive. The best leaders have a plan before they have a problem. Set goals and expectations for yourself and your artists. Anticipate the needs of your team. If you know a big change is coming up, how can you help your artists prepare for it?

4. Duplicate Yourself

Lead by example! The speed of the leader is the speed of the pack. The easiest way to duplicate yourself is to show up, work hard and don’t quit because hustle attract hustle. Show how fun, exciting and simple it is to be a Maskcara Artist!

Learn more about joining the most amazing Maskcara Beauty Team here!

But be warned: I won’t just tell you how to sell make up. I plan on teaching you how to be the best version of yourself – for your kids, for your husband, and for your future endeavors.

Team Twins and Co is a powerful group of bosses that work hard, uplift and grow TOGETHER. These girls have conquered some of life’s biggest challenges. I hope these principles and life lessons that are shared on our team will be passed on for generous.

December 4, 2018

Kylee Maughan

Kylee Ann Mentors moms on all things business. Join us weekly for short bite sized episodes with takeaways that empower you in your role as a business owner and mother! 












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