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How to Get Started with a Product Based Company | Interview with Poppyseed Play

Kaelynn started her journey in the entrepreneurship world when she was 11 years old.

Her parents would help her list products for sale on eBay with her brothers. That’s what it’s like being a child of an entrepreneur. When she was a bit older shifted into wedding florals with a friend.

When Kaelynn was expecting her first baby, she was looking for a way to make an income.

One night she was on etsy shopping for a wood play gym. The only options were hundreds of dollars and shipped internationally. Instead, they decided to go to Home Depot and get the materials to make their own.

They listed it on Etsy and waited. And waited. And waited. For about a month. Once they made their first sale, they knew they could make another. They handmade 650 wood play gyms in her parent’s basement before they began to outsource.

One of her biggest challenges along the way in her business was growth.

There’s so many things to. manage — inventory management, finance management, hiring a team that catches your vision. And there are so many growing pains that you go through along the way.

The best part of running Poppyseed play has been her personally journey of growth.

“I don’t feel like it’s very commonly talked about the growth that I have experienced as an individual because of my business. I will be forever grateful for that. And I wish that more people could have that opportunity too, because I look back at myself just a year ago, even the mindset barriers that I had and like the personal worthiness struggles that I had, like, am I worth this? Do I deserve this? I deserve to be successful.”

Kaelynn wished she would have invested sooner.

Invest in conferences. Invest in education. Invest in Facebook ads. Kaelynn said she was such a tightwad for so long and was trying to DIY it for so long, but can clearly see now looking back how her business spiked after each thing she outsourced.

She could see clear spikes in business when she:

  1. Outsourced manufacturing
  2. Outsourced shipping to a third part logistics (3PL) company
  3. Started using Facebook Ads
  4. Hired us to do Product Photography!
  5. Hiring a nanny so she could have work hours

(After the first shoot she did, she made $500 in sales the day she posted the new photos!)

Kaelynn wants people to leave our podcast interview with one message:

Believe in yourself and believe that you deserve it

Believe that you’re worth it because you are.

Kaelynn is also helping dreamers turn their business goals into action! She has THREE options for you.

  1. How to Find A Gold Mine Product to Sell on Etsy

By the end of the course, you’ll have

  1. At least 1 viable product idea you can start selling

  2. An actionable business plan built on strategy

  3. Confidence that your product is something people want and that you know the next steps to take

She also teaches business owners you how to build or refine your Etsy shop! You can find all her courses, and her list of Etsy product ideas here.

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September 30, 2020

Kylee Maughan

Kylee Ann Mentors moms on all things business. Join us weekly for short bite sized episodes with takeaways that empower you in your role as a business owner and mother! 



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