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How To Prepare For Family Pictures

How To Prepare For Family Pictures

Picking Out Outfits

Picking outfits can be so hard, but let me break it down for you. First, look around at your home. These pictures are going to be hanging in your front room. Picking a style, colors and textures that fit in with your home decor is a great place to start. If your living room is neutral colors, you may want to consider neutral outfits with a few little pops of color at most. If your living room is bright, fun colors then your outfits can match. It doesn’t matter what style or colors you choose. We can make everything look amazing. The most important thing is finding colors and style that fit what is already going on inside your home.

Start With What You Have

Look in your closet and chances are you might already have the perfect outfit. You want to make sure to dress up more than you would on a regular  weeknight, but make sure you are comfortable and still feel like yourself. A good place to start is with classic solids and add layers and textures to top it off for a night out.

If you’re wanting to update a few pieces or accessories our favorite websites are:



Old Navy


How To Prepare For Family Pictures How To Prepare For Family Pictures How To Prepare For Family Pictures


It’s hard to smile and to be in a good mood when you are Hangry. Make sure everyone eats before your session for your best chance at your group sticking it out until the end. If you have little ones, bring snacks and treats for the inbetweens and bribery. We are not against bribery over here! You know your family best, so bring their favorites, but try to stay away from melty chocolate that will dribble down clothing.

How To Prepare For Family Pictures How To Prepare For Family Pictures

Pre-game Your Outfits

I suggest getting your clothing ready the night before. Steam and set out everyone’s outfits to reduce stress on picture day! Try to arrive at your session early enough to put final touches on outfits. Don’t forget the socks, shoes and accessories! It helps to make a list and recruit a helper to pack everything into the car!

How To Prepare For Family Pictures How To Prepare For Family Pictures

Creature Comforts

Feel free to pack toys or stuffed animals for your littles. Bringing something familiar from home can help comfort kids when a stranger is dancing in front of them trying to make them smile. This can also serve as a precious memory, signifying their stage of life if a stuffy might end up in a picture.


Use these tips to make family picture time less dreadful and more efficient!

February 24, 2022

Shelby Preston

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