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Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Oh sweet baby Holland made my job as a lifestyle newborn photographer a piece of cake! I could not be more grateful that Chelsey hired me for these Logan Utah Lifestyle Newborn pictures. Chelsey has had one wild roller coaster of a year. She is the strongest mom. I’m so glad that her little miracle baby is here and she’s doing so well! Holland came two months early and spent quite a bit of time in the NICU. She is such a fighter and getting stronger every single day! They got to take her home from the University of Utah hospital just a few weeks before we took these pictures.

Logan Utah Newborn Photos

A lot of times lifestyle newborn pictures can be hard for a photographer. Most houses just don’t have that ideal light that studios have. But Chelsey is a photographer so when she told me that they had great light in their house at 6:00 pm, I didn’t even question it! It was the perfect night for pictures. As I pulled up to their house and saw the windows I got so excited! Light is everything to a photographer. The light fell into their big beautiful windows and lit up the entire house. We probably could have taken pictures in their garage and it still would have been beautiful! I loved seeing the details they designed in their house. I could have spent the whole night just asking them about their house.

I loved seeing where they spent so many hours with their family. Both the nursery for Holland and Mazey’s room are both just off the Master. Such a beautiful space to raise babies! Since Holland is still building her immune system their home and the hospital are really the only places they have spend a lot of time these last two months. I’m sure your house starts to feel like a little sanctuary in a time like this.

When I got to their house Mazey asked me if I wanted to play in her room. She wanted to show me all of her toys. She has so much personality for a 3-year-old. Holland has a lot to keep up with! I loved watching Chelsey care for Holland throughout our shoot. She is the most patient mother!


August 12, 2019

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