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Lighting at Garden City Park | The Bosshardt Family

Lighting at Garden City Park | The Bosshardt Family

I have gotten to meet so many amazing families this year in Bear Lake for family reunion photos!! It was a crazy summer driving back and forth through Logan canyon, but I wouldn’t change a thing! I am so glad that these families make photos a priority and book an extended family session while they are all together!

The Bosshardt family had their session at golden hour in the evening at Garden City Park!  These July and August summer sessions have had some interesting weather! Right as we were finishing the Bosshardt family photos, a storm rolled in while we were still on the beach and drenched us all! I showed up to my next appointment soaking wet haha! It was very memorable and we were grateful that we had finished up the family photos!

Because of the stormy weather, it has provided some gorgeous lighting! We haven’t had to reschedule anything! We have just adjusted times a little bit to work with the weather. We love shooting in the overcast lighting because it makes the backgrounds limitless when there are not harsh shadows.

When you book your photography session, we always suggest shooting in the evening around 7:30 in the summer. That is because the sun is low and the light is really pretty and even. At Garden City park, it is really important to shoot at the ideal times of day because it is a wide open space!

When we shoot in the morning, we like to start as early as possible! Shooting at sunrise really isn’t an option for extended family sessions because it is too early for the little kids! Haha. I have started sessions as late as 9:30 AM and work with the lighting situation. It makes for some brighter family photos when we shoot at that time but they are still gorgeous. It is nice to have the trees at the boardwalk to filter some light!

September 16, 2022

Nicole Erickson

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