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Making an Impact with Simple Photo Set-Ups – Lu and Ken

Making an impact with simple photo set-ups is one of my strengths as a brand photographer.

As much as I love stylized shoots, I also know just how important it is for your products to be the star of the show!  My goal is to always have them stand out and neutral backdrops are a great way to do that.

During my shoots for Lu and Ken I start with a blank slate then focus on adding textures.  Anything linen or knit can create depth to the image without taking away from the main focus.  Like I said, simple set ups.  They are the way to go.

Simple Set-Ups

As I add in models using the products as they would in every day life I am making an impact with simple photo set-ups as well.

When I have a mom interacting with her baby on a changing pad with a diaper caddy next to her, or a baby putting a spoon in their mouth the customer will be able to envision themselves doing the same!

Focusing on the little details is extremely important as well.  The gold stamped logo, the texture of the ropes, and how the diaper caddy straps work.

I love how the flat lays show the products off in a beautiful way.  Getting in close and focusing on the little chubby baby fingers and toes next to the changing pads, sheets, and set of dishes also helps them stand it.  It gives them a human element without a face.  It could literally be anyone’s baby which also helps your customer connect with your product.

I also love that Lu and Ken had me take pictures of their packaging!  The branding is beautiful and having photos of it will also help their customers envision exactly what they will be getting while understanding what they as a company are all about.

Simple Set-Ups Simple Set-Ups


February 17, 2022

Alycia Loftus

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