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Meghan and Quinn Engagements | Fall Pictures in Jordan Pines

Meghan and Quinn Engagements | Fall Pictures in Jordan Pines


I am so excited to share Meghan and Quinn’s story. They told me the first picture that they have of themselves with them both and it is one that I took! How crazy is that. Meghan was bridesmaids for Emi at her wedding and Quinn was a groomsman for Dave at the same wedding. Even though they didn’t officially meet that night, they still were in the same room together. Over a year later Emi and Dave set up them on a blind date. They hit it off and didn’t even realize that they had been in the same space before.

Their early dating was long distance Meghan lived in Logan working as a head honcho on campus for USU events. Quinn is taking over the Internet and YouTube. They made it work though and fell more in love over the summer. Just a few weeks ago their friends invited him down for a trip to Moab. Quinn played it off as a random trip with no plans made it yet. When a while in fact he had arranged a helicopter ride just for the two of them. He made it seem as if it was a last-minute plan and even called his sister in order to pretend like he was booking the flight last minute. After an amazing flight around the area, he pointed out a sign to Meghan that said “marry me!” His mom and sister had secretly driven down to display the sign. Meghan was so excited to say yes to forever with the love of her life.

We shot these engagements up in the mountains. It was so funny to get to know these two, and see their love for each other. These two love to laugh And have so much fun together. We even saw some other weddings happening in the canyon that we were so close to crashing. Tia Celise did amazing on Meghan’s make up. They are engagements was my first time getting to ride in a Tesla car. Now I’m hooked. Congrats you two!!


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