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I'm a small town girl who is genuine and sweet. I'm passionate about capturing joy, legacy and love in photographs and sharing a message of hope and happiness through photography.

I've been an artistic girl all of my life. I've been taking portraits for friends since I was in junior high. I got my first DSLR when I was a senior. I was blessed to do an internship with a professional photographer in Idaho in 2011 and 2012. 

I've shot weddings, multiple pageants on the state and county level, families, maternity, sports teams, seniors, children, newborns, head shots, and more.

I've chosen to specialize in Family Portrait Sessions. My sessions are enjoyable and efficient and I promise a speedy delivery of your images. I love getting those pictures of everyone looking and smiling at the camera for you to display in your home. I also love capturing those sweet in-between moments where you are laughing with your family. 

What do I like to do for fun? Well, I am a mom of three kids. They are so sweet and fun. Mom life is also crazy and chaotic but I love it. I love to go to the gym as much as I can. I am passionate about mental health because I have struggled with mental health for quite some time. We love to go camping as a family or just spending time in the mountains. I am very not domestic although I give it a try every once in a while. I love a good TV show and chit chatting about with with my friends on Marco Polo! I am a friend maker for sure and sometimes have to remind myself that I don’t have to be best friends with everyone I know. I am known for asking way too many personal questions. 


We don't just want to shoot your products. We want to capture your brand through stories and styling. We love the challenge of getting a crying baby to calm down and a wild toddler to be still. We love the complete chaos of models, mommas and clothing filling every square inch of the studio. We love the confidence shifts in women throughout a session. We love the scene changes and outfit switches and...WE LOVE TURNING CHAOS INTO A STORY!

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Family Photography

 Our FULL sessions are meant to truly dive into capturing moments in a slower, more personalized way. We get those Christmas card/send-to-grandma style photos in every session, but full sessions allow time for exploration and creativity to come out. Full sessions include an hour long session in a custom location + all the high resolution digital files in an online digital gallery. A typical gallery includes 75+ edited images with a print release to use your photos how, where and when you please.

At Kylee Ann Studios we are known for our mini sessions. While only 20-30 minutes, we are able to get all the must have photos without pushing the photo-haters in our lives to far. ;) A typical gallery includes at least 40 edited images with a print release to use your photos how, where and when you please. Because our mini sessions are fast and furious, we choose locations that are easy to shoot in to make sure we maximize the session. A mini session includes a few family poses, individual shots, just the kids, just the parents and some candids, too. For current mini session dates, locations and information, email us! 




“All I can say is that I am so grateful that we trusted Rachel to capture our special day. She is so easy and fun to work with, making the shoots look natural. She was willing to work with us on time, place, running late...basically everything! And you can always count on Rachel to be excited with you about every aspect of your wedding, from seeing my finished dress to scouting out picture places. This team is wonderful at what they do and at making you feel like a million bucks. My husband loved working with her too! Rachel is friendly, kind, professional, and so talented."


"Everything about Kylee is so genuine and sincere! From planning the shoots all the way to the final product, an amazingly amount of effort and professionalism. Kylee has easily captured some of our favorite family moments, and we look back at those photographs and can experience those moments over and over again. "



We plan mini sessions in all the best Utah locations each season and our email list is the first to know! Sign up below to get our seasonal mini session announcements. 

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natural, relaxed posing
bright, true to color editing
edited digital images from each session 
online gallery for easy access and sharing 
use print release
incredibly quick turn around time 
additional retouching on all print orders 

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I have a strong passion for taking pictures of families in need and shining light on true beauty and real life.  With my camera I have been able to turn hard trials into beautiful stories of strength, filled with all the raw emotions. Memories to look back on even when they are nearly unbearable at the time. Capturing the good and the bad.

A few years ago I started a project called the "Passion Project" its meant to provide individuals and families with these memories. Photos that they can look back on, share and inspire others with.  Sessions are completely free to all participants, but limited. Keep this in mind when you or someone you love is going through something Passion Portrait worthy. 


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