You can get locked into The Our Photog Blog Membership AND GET ALL OUR COURSES for just $35/m.



Start your binge today and you can get Thousands of dollars worth of education for 59.

Master manual, think outside the box with composition and take pictures in harsh light. Speed up your workflow and edit exactly like your vision. Learn how to use and make Lightroom presets and download ALL our presets for desktop and mobile.

Photography & Editing


Build a brand that is based on YOUR personality not current trends. Create systems, automate your workflow and outsource the things you despise. Learn how to manage your time and price yourself so you actually make money.



Learn how to get clients with simple marketing techniques for any type of business, create a client experience that keeps your clients coming back with their friends. Learn how to write, organize and schedule your Instagram posts.



Our Photog Blog Membership is like a choose your own adventure book. You're in charge and the possibilities are endless!

I was tired of watching photographers pend their money on the simple stuff fin our shop instead of the courses that would propel them to the next level. I’ve gathered up every e-book, preset, course and training and wrapped it into the most incredible membership.

In what world can a photographer sign up for a class and learn Photography, Editing, Marketing, Business and get a bundle of Presets, Record Keeping Spreadsheets and more in just one click….for just $35?


— JACLYNN, photographer

" The entire team has been a shining example to me and I am proud to be associated with them in every way possible. They are the most caring kind people you will ever work with or learn from. If you love the photography, you'll grow to love the people even more."

"Kylee Ann Studios has made a massive impact in my personal journey as a professional wedding photographer."

— kelly, photographer

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I created an online membership that has all the resources to start, sustain and grow your dream business. What started as a place for photographer to learn has become the hub for all service based businesses and creatives. For just $35/m you have access to ALL the online courses, downloads and presets I've ever created.

My favorite courses are all about marketing, but you can also find how to create systems, find out what to outsource and why, learn photography or editing. It's amazing how most people start to learn one thing, and come out with a world of new knowledge they never planned for.


Our Photog Blog Membership

01. Complete Marketing Course
02. Left Brain Photographer Course
03. How to Build an Associate Team
04. Nitty Gritty Beginner Photography Course
05. Lightroom Course and Preset Pack
06. Intro to In Person Sales
07. Content Planning Course



An associate team is more than making more money or booking all the clients. It's creating a family, extending your brand and serving more people in the best way possible. In this class you will learn when you are ready and when you are not ready to grow your team.

You’ll learn how I found my associates, train my photographers, price our packages, what kind of contracts to use and more. And most importantly, you’ll learn how to grow a team that loves their job, respects your brand and is in it for the long haul.


HOw to build an associate photography team

01. Building A Team - Are you the right fit?
02. Pros and Cons of Having an Associate
03. What to Look For When Hiring, Hiring Workflow and Training Workflow
04. Pricing, Pay and Legal Contracts
05. How to Create a Culture and Retain Associates
06. Confidently Sell Your Associate Packages while Still Booking Yourself
07. Overview of Responsibilities of Primary vs Associate
08. Walkthrough of Setting up a CRM to Accomodate a Team
09. Marketing a Team
and Much More



Marketing doesn’t have to be pushy, or expensive. I have learned how to use the resources in front of me to market her business. With inexpensive, authentic marketing techniques, you can get your ideal clients and grow your business, too. Learn how I went from a $35 photographer to a fully booked associate team.

The Marketing Course includes Instagram, Client Experience, Blogging, SEO, Website, Pinterest, Networking, Email and More!


Complete Marketing course

01. Four secrets I use every day to turn Instagram followers to clients for life
02. Five types of captions that engage your audience and create cash flow
03. Build client experience that has your client shouting your name from the rooftops.
04. Use Pinterest and SEO to extend your reach and start booking strangers.
06. Get thousands of dollars in business from your competition and local networks by networking




A business class for photographers to build a backend thats as pretty as the frontend. Create, sustain and grow your dream business.

Use your strengths, skills and personality to build a business that stands out in saturated markets. Learn how to think like a CEO with systems, automation, outsourcing, schedules and more. Get an inside look at ALL MY systems - one hour workflow, email templates, scheduling social media and more. Leave with a plan to create, sustain and grow your dream business.


Left Brain Photographer

01.  Create a Personalized Brand
02. Build a Pretty Backend
03. A Look into my Systems
04. Pricing Yourself
05. How to Continue to Grow




Beginner's Guide: An Introduction to Digital Photography

Learn how to use your DSLR (or camera phone) to take better pictures of your kids, vacations and every day life! This is a class outlines all the steps to taking better photos! Get OFF Auto Mode! Learn about manual modes, which lenses to use and why, composition and lighting, too!


The Nitty Gritty

01.  Overview of Equipment and Lenses
02. The Exposure Triangle and Metering
03. Composition vs Snapshots
04. Family and Couple Posing Guides
05. Lightroom Presets to Get Started



Lightroom Changed My Life & It Can Change Yours too!
In this Lightroom course I'll be sharing everything from the basics of Lightroom functions and tools to making and creating presets, speeding up your workflow and how to solve those hard skin tone problems.

"I just bought your One Hour Workflow Ebook and have only been looking at it for about half an hour. Oh my gosh, completely life changing!! Thank you so much for creating it!"

"I got started with [The One Hour Workflow] last night and finished a full session in 2 hours with her tips, I'm LOVING it! I'm brand new to Lightroom, so I'm sure I'll get faster."


Lightroom Course

Module 1: Ins & Outs of Lightroom
Module 2: Create & Edit Presets
Module 3: One Hour Workflow
Module 4: Three Things I Do to Every Photo
Module 5: Hard Skin Tones
Module 6: Using Brushes
Lightroom Preset Packs | Moody & Bright/Airy

[includes Library and Develop Module Only — as well as Importing, Exporting and Organization]



Many photography businesses are single-employee shows. The photographer schedules the shoots, writes the contracts, collects the payments, markets to potential clients, and if that wasn’t enough, there’s the actual photography and editing. Even worse, most of these tasks are completed using different online services and apps. Honeybook pulls all of these pieces into one platform and allows you to manage everything from one place, most of it automatically for you.

In this free course, I walk you through how to set up your Honeybook account, automate your business and take back your life!


How To Automate Your Business with Honeybook

01.  What I Love About Honeybook
02. Free Trial and 50% Coupon
03. How to Set up Honeybook
04. How to Automate your Business
05. How to Set up a Team on Honeybook



Get your life back by planning ahead.

Learn how I post on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest multiple times a day, blog 3-5 times a week AND still have time to answer emails, take photos and be with my family.

This class will walk you through tools I use to schedule my social media. I will share blog post ideas to get you started and a content planner to use month after month.


Content PLanning Course

01.  How to Plan 30 Days of Marketing in 1 Day
02. Tools I Use
03. Content Planner
04. Blog Post Ideas
05. Walkthrough of Scheduling Instagram and Pinterest
06. 5 Ways to Plan Ahead



Simple steps to setting up your Pinterest account for success.

Learn how to grow your reach, increase your visibility and book more clients with Pinterest.

Automate your Pinterest marketing with simple tools that work for you while you sleep.



01.  How to Set up your Pinterest Profile
02. How to Create Pin-Worthy Pins
03. Types of Boards and Content to Create
04. Tools I Use to Automate


Mom BOSS 👦🏼👧🏼👶🏼

Educator, Speaker & Marketing Queen

Running the @kyleeannteam 

I am passionate about teaching photographers and service based businesses how to stand out in saturated markets, personalize their marketing and brands and create systems to run a business instead of letting their business run them. Being creative is fun, but helping other entrepreneurs create thriving businesses fires me up!

I started Kylee Ann Photography nearly a decade ago at $35 a session on auto mode, and have since grown from a one woman amateur show to a full associate team.  I want to help you grow, too.

photographer and educator

HELLO! I'M Kylee!

frequently asked questions

got questions?

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?
You have access to the course as long as you are an active member. Want to binge all our education in one month then end your membership? Go for it. Would you rather take it at your own pace, absorb it and re-watch it whenever you want? That works too! New courses will be added quarterly.

Is this course just for professional photographers?
Absolutely not! You do not have to be a professional photographer to benefit from learning how to use your camera or how to market a business!

But what if I want access to one course forever?
Through your OPB Membership, you will have access to all our courses for as long as you're a member. If you'd like access to a specific course forever, you can buy lifetime access.

I need to take a break, can I put my membership on hold?
Life is BUSY, we totally get it! We understand that sometimes life happens! #1: You are welcome to cancel your membership at any time. #2: When you are ready to start learning again, simply re-sign up for the membership at whatever the current rate is. #3: You will re-sign at the current rate. So if you've locked in the lowest introductory rate, it may be worth it to retain your membership to keep the low price.

Are your Lightroom Presets included? What about the posing guides? 
Yesssss. Ahhh! This is what I'm most excited about. ALL the Kylee Ann Digital downloads from the old shop - Presets, Ebooks, Spreadsheets, Templates, etc are included in the Membership!!! They are now supplemental materials to the courses. The way they should have always been used!

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