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Poppy Field Engagements | Katie and Justin Engagements

How They Met

Katie and Justin have the coolest “how they met” story. They connected on an online dating app for a few days. But then fate took over when they just so happened to both be in the same church congregation on Sunday.  For both of them, it was was completely random to be there. They happened to see each other from across the room. They got to meet in person that day even though neither of them are supposed to be there. 

Perfect Matches

They say that by their second date both of their parents knew they were supposed to get married. If you ever met them you would know that they are the perfect matches to each other! I have so much fun when I’m around them. 

Covid Proposal

He proposed in early May by convincing her he did not have the ring. His previous plan was to take her to an ice-skating rink where they had gone on a date to, but that was closed because of Covid. He knew that she loved trees so he took her to a park. 

French Proposal

Katie loves French so he had a friend’s daughter translate some signs into French. He hung those signs on trees and had lots of friends and family hiding to take pictures. He had a speaker playing a special song from one of their favorite movies and each of the signs said certain things about the relationship until the last sign said “August 1, the day we wed!!” She was so excited to say yes!  

Poppy Field Engagements

For engagements we headed to one of the prettiest spots in all the land. The poppy fields just so happen to be blossoming so we headed there for the first outfit. These two kept me laughing the entire time! For sunset we headed to gorgeous Mantua lake and Katie had a beautiful flowing skirt from Poshmark that match perfectly to Justin’s gray suit. These two are equally spunky and romantic and I can’t wait for them to be married in August. Congrats!! 


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July 24, 2020

Rachel Hudson

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