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Poppy Field Mini Mantua Utah | Kennard Family

The Kennard have got pictures done in so many of our favorite locations so far between extended family photos on both sides and fall minis. Wellsville, Mantua, Tunnel Springs. But these – the poppy field minis in Mantua – are by far my favorite. We got a lot done in 20 minutes. They even brought the pup in for a few snaps! 

There is just something so vibrant and rich about the mantua poppy field. It’s a gorgeous (not so hidden) gem. The once deserted field is now constantly filled with families and their photographers. It’s not so secret anymore.

There were people all around us when we took these pictures and the parking situation was more challenging than I expected. But it was and will always be so worth it.



I love using the tall flowers to force perspective. Seeing them through different perspectives in the lens makes every poppy field session unique and new. 

Besides the poppy’s, there was something else that stood out to me in this session. And that was Abigail. Her strength and endurance and glowing optimism…

I have a very low pain tolerance (so I’m told). So I feel inspired when I hear stories of people who have overcome major physical challenges and have to have surgery or do physical therapy. From looking at these family pictures, you would never know this, but Abigail had just had a huge surgery. She had an open incision across her back when I took their family photos.

It’s amazing how true it is, that you can’t judge someone’s life from the outside appearance. I think that’s why it’s so important to have compassion for everyone. No matter how perfect and put together someone may look on the outside, everyone has their pwn pain, their own challenges, and their own unique set of circumstances.


September 20, 2021

Kylee Maughan

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