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Six Reasons I Love Lightroom

I LOVE LIGHTROOM!!! And here’s why!

Six Reasons I Love Lightroom
Pretty Presets for Lightroom

1. It’s a timesaver!

Lightroom saves more time than you can possible imagine! The first timesaver is presets. After I choose the preset that best fit my style, I started applying my preset to every single photo on import. I knew that I brighten, sharpen, add contrast and a slight matte to every photo, so by importing my sessions with these settings I just saved myself gobs of time and I’m already one step ahead.

After the import, I go through each photo individually. I delete the ones I don’t want and make minor tweaks to the ones I want to keep. Less than 30 seconds-2 minutes max per picture. If there are 5 photos in a row that are in the exact same lighting condition, select all of them, edit the first one then hit SYNC.

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2. Presets are EASY to adjust and there are presets for every style!

When I first got Lightroom, I was worried that my style would become boring without using my Photoshop tricks and actions. Boy, was I wrong. Lightroom accommodates any style you can think of – film, crisp, hazy, matte, dark, bright, moody, colorful, etc! Not only that, but if a preset is too bright or too sharp, you can easily adjust them to fit each photo.


3. My work is more consistent!

With Lightroom I can see all my work at the same time, easily switch between two images and even sync changes across the whole session! This means that my work is consistent from start to finish for one session and the same for the next one, too.

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4. The “Develop” module has it all!

Under the Develop Module I have access to everything I need – Brightness, Contrast, Curves, Colors, White Balance, Shadows, Highlights, Whites, Blacks, Sharpness, Grain, Camera Distortion and so much more! The best part is I don’t have to go on a search to make basic changes because it’s conveniently placed all in one section!


5. “Adjustment Brushes” has the rest!

After I make my lighting, coloring and creative adjustments with the Develop module, I can open my brushes to fix blemishes, skin smoothing, teeth whitening and so much more! The adjustment brushes allow me to make little changes to specific parts of the photo without affecting the entire image. For example, if the background is too bright but the skin is perfectly exposed, I can use the brush to select just the background and darken!

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6. Lightroom is non-destructive!

After accidently saving edits over originals in other programs or even having my program quit in the middle of an edit, the non-destructive editing feature of Lightroom is a total favorite. You never have to press save because it’s automatic and you can reset your photo at anytime to wipe out all the edits you have made to it!


The One Hour Workflow E-book is available in the Lightroom Course found in OPB Membership. It includes steps, tools and detailed instructions for a more productive post-processing workflow. Learn about how I cull, edit, return and blog a session with in an hour and a wedding in under 24 hours. Get your life back and spend the extra time doing more of what you love.

January 4, 2016

Kylee Maughan

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