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Sunflower Dress Engagements | Bella and Dax Engagements

Sister of the Groom

I met Bella last year at her brother’s wedding! I am so honored and excited to get to be her photographer this year!! She and Dax are best friends and I love their love! They met while working at the same company!! They noticed each other but didn’t really get to know each other until til they were put on the same team for a project. Then Jim Gaffigan came to town and Dax offered her his extra ticket to go with him and that’s what sparked everything!

Etsy Wedding Ring

They have been together ever since that event last fall and things fell into place since they were such good friends before. Even though Bella left the country to visit family in Asia for a few months, they still created a strong foundation and can’t wait to be married!!

Mountain Proposal

When we Skyped a few weeks ago, she didn’t have the ring officially on her finger but showed it to me in the box!! She found her dream ring on Etsy! He surprised her a few days later with proposing by basically setting up a plan that was all Bella’s idea. They went on a drive just like usual and found a gorgeous spot and that’s where Dax popped the question! My dream proposal!!

Logan Canyon Engagements

We headed up Logan Canyon for their engagements! Bella found her stunning sunflower dress on Amazon to match her sunflower themed wedding! I loved getting to see how much Dax cares for her and how in sync they are! I’m so excited to see her family again for the second summer in a row! Congrats you two!!


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Featured Wedding!

Tom and Olivia’s Wedding

July 17, 2020

Rachel Hudson

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