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The Anderson Family | Yellow Spring Flowers Green Canyon

The Anderson Family | Yellow Spring Flowers Green Canyon

The gorgeous yellow spring flowers in Green Canyon were calling to me this year.  They were the absolute perfect spot to have the Anderson family’s mini session.  They all have such a special bond which was a joy to capture!  Although their children came to them in more than one way, they are siblings through and through.

The Anderson Family has one child who is already married and the youngest isn’t even in school yet.  It was so fun to see the older children interact with the younger ones.  That included shoulder rides and endless snuggles.  Mom and dad had the sweetest way with them, and you could just feel their love for each other.  The youngest girls were especially excited about the yellow green flowers and happily ran around Green Canyon picking them.  They were the perfect natural prop to just add a little bit of depth to their photos.

The warm evening light was a perfect pairing and accentuated the yellow blooms in such a beautiful way. Their session started soon before the sun went down, and by the end we were able to watch it drop below the horizon.  It was kind of a chilly evening, and as we were walking to find the perfect spot you would have found several of the family members sporting jackets and wrapped in blankets.  Luckily you would never be able to tell by just looking at the photos.  When I look at them all I see is warmth, happiness, light, love and beautiful memories.  Those are all things I would hope for and dream of in any family photo session.

Spring in Green Canyon really is the ideal time and place to get your family photos taken. The perfect place to explore, snuggle your loved ones, and make new memories.

Yellow Spring Flowers Green Canyon Yellow Spring Flowers Green Canyon Yellow Spring Flowers Green Canyon Yellow Spring Flowers Green Canyon Yellow Spring Flowers Green Canyon



June 25, 2021

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