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Tips for Flawless Make Up Application | Troubleshooting Guide

Tips for Flawless Make Up Application

✨A little goes a long way. Less is more with Maskcara. It shouldn’t feel cakey or slide around your face. It should sink into your skin. When in doubt, use less!!! If you need added coverage then build it in thin layers

✨Make it look like beautiful, glowy skin instead of heavy, cakes make up by stippling the color onto your skin with your 30 sec HAC brush.

✨We match your main highlight color to your neck, but sometimes you will need more than one highlight color to make your face look like skin instead of make up! If you have dark circles under your eyes, blemishes or redness, we can use an additional highlight color to brighten you up.

Exfoliation and moisturizer are key to healthy skin and smooth make up application. Clean and moisturize nightly, and exfoliate twice a week. If you feel you need moisturizer in the morning, make sure to let your moisturizer set into your skin before applying makeup. If you apply makeup right after moisturizer it will just slip and slide all over! Give it about 15-30 minutes to set it before makeup application- especially if you’re not using primer this step is so important! You want to start with a clean moisturized face in the morning before you apply. Just give the moisturizer a little time to settle into your skin!

✨ Some women love primer with this makeup but I’ve found most do not!! I suggest using it without primer to start out with and if you have any problems try a primer- it’s all trial and error to figure out how it works best with your skin


Use a setting spray. Maskcara sells an amazing one called STAY. I prefer to use STAY before and after my makeup application. Bonus: It has SPF 30

Wash your brushes! I use our Restore Brush Cleaner. It sanitizes and conditions without any dry time.

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Tips for Flawless Make Up Application | Troubleshooting Guide



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