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How Working Moms Can Bond With Baby

We were so excited when 4Moms reached out to write a guest post for our blog! At Kylee Ann Studios, we are a team of working moms & women who thrive off the right gear for our babies. It makes our lives so much easier! & we may have several (okay, more than several) items from them.

How Working Moms Can Bond With Baby

No moms aren’t working moms; to say otherwise would be to depreciate a mothers’ workload. Working outside the home doesn’t mean making your child less of a priority – you can still be wholly present and have a busy career. The key is envisioning compromise as freedom, not as a constraint. It is important to remain realistic and set boundaries regarding your work/life balance – be honest! Communicate with your employer and colleagues about your priorities. Here are a few tips to help mothers struggling to adjust to raising a young child whilst working. 


No distractions with baby


Working irrefutable means having fewer hours with your baby. Spending quality time with your child is essential to feeling like you aren’t missing out on milestones. One fellow working mom over at Freshly Brewed Mama says that the baby remembers the precious “mommy and me” moment,so put the phone down, shut the work thoughts off, enjoy!


Be there for the milestones


You don’t want to miss a thing – make sure you factor important moments with your child into your workday. 


Save time before bedtime 

Don’t come home right before bed. End your workday in time to enjoy moments with your child.


Loosen up the schedule

Don’t be too rigid with schedules; putting your baby to bed should be a calm and relaxing moment, an opportunity to bond. It’s fine to sit in your child’s room and unwind until they fall asleep. Just relax!


Your baby will need you more

Your baby will need more contact with you if they haven’t been with you all day. Don’t be alarmed if they wake more often during the night or take longer to fall asleep. Seek help from tools like baby bassinets that will aid your baby in staying asleep for longer.


Keep work far from home

Keep strict boundaries with your work regarding after-hours. If it’s an emergency, make sure you take care of work matters when your child is asleep. Keep your work life separate from your time with your baby.


Keep regular hours

Children and infants of any age need a strong sense of stability. Make sure you keep regular hours, so your child gets used to seeing you at set times. That way, the transition will be smoother.


Outsource when you can

Don’t waste your precious time with your baby on housework. Instead, delegate to other family members if that’s an option, or make sure it is taken care of while you’re at work. The Bump says it’s essential to do less housework as a working mom. 


Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Asking for help won’t make you less in control. Whether you work from home or outside it, makes things easier for yourself by allowing time to be spent on enjoying seeing your child grow and learn. That’s what really matters, isn’t it?

October 1, 2021

Kylee Maughan

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