I’m Kylee—a mom boss building businesses and community from the comfiest spot on my bed. I am a photographer, an educator, a mom blogger and community builder. I shoot weddings and families, lead an incredible team of photographers and employees, share my love for Maskcara make up, help other entrepreneurs create thriving businesses and most importantly, take my kids on adventures.


Bride Tip • Wedding Eve Beauty Tips

Most photographed day of your entire life – don’t stress it with these 8 Wedding Eve Beauty Tips!

Bride Tip • Wedding Eve Beauty Tips

1. Pearly Whites

Make sure to do some teeth whitening before the wedding. Nothing clashes worse with a white dress than yellow teeth! You can get them done professionally. If you go to your local dentists, prices here in logan generally range from $150-$250. Crest offers at-home whitening strips that can be picked up at Wal-mart or any convenience store. For quick results, Crest 3D Whitening Strips 1Hr Express is the way to go. Some other less expensive at home options – lemon and strawberry rub with a rinse or eating raw vegetables can also boost that bright white shine!


Remember the “your body is 60% water” thing? As it turns out, your skin has an even HIGHER consistency of water than the rest of your body! What does this tell us? For fresh looking skin, drink more H2O! Not only will your skin look prettier and less splotchy, getting plenty of water will flush out those pores and help keep the dreaded acne away. If you only do one thing the night before, make sure it is HYDRATE.

3. Facials

This one can be an absolute blast. The night before your wedding, pencil in a girl’s night with all of your bride’s maids. Not only is this a great stress reliever from all the wedding planning, but it can rejuvenate your skin as well! Facials are for cleansing the skin as well as softening and removing acne. They have a hydration factor than can smooth out wrinkles and restore skin’s natural barrier function. Nothing better to get that skin shining like a perfect girl’s facial night. And a plus, this can be a fantastic relaxer!

4. Perfect Eyes

The keys to the bright and beautiful eyes? Less stress and more sleep. It is not the time to pull an all-nighter doing wedding planning. Go to bed early and get in those zzzz’s! As for the stress, the facials should help, but you can also get a massage, do a little yoga, or soak in a warm bubble bath. Whatever is the best way for you to relax, make sure you do it tonight. I also highly recommend some eye cream or gel. These products are like little dark circle erasers! Those sparkly eyes will thank you in the morning.

5. Lip Care

With all you are doing for your skin, do NOT forget about those lips! After all, when you hear the words “You May Kiss the Bride” the last thing you need is to be feeling chapped. I recommend a 30 spf lip balm for the best protection and hydration.  Many of my brides swear by Burt’s Bees and Savex. Whichever you choose, pile some on before you go to sleep tonight! In the morning apply again. But do NOT put a lot on right before you walk down the isle. You don’t want the groom’s lips to be pink too!

6. Luscious Locks

The best time to cut and color you hair is two weeks before the wedding. This way your hair has a little time to grow out and look natural, and if there was any issues you can get them resolved. For updo hairstyles, wash and blow dry your hair a day before the wedding! And for updown styles, make sure to wash those locks the morning of. As far as new products go, this is not the time to be trying out new things. Keep with what you know works for you!

7. Nails

How often are you going to get your hands photographed? This is a once in a lifetime picture day where you and that sparkly new ring are the center of attention. Splurging on a mani-pedi is worth every dime. I highly recommend a simple white-tip French Manicure – a classic style that can help your fingers to look thin and elegant. I also would suggest getting those nails done in shellac instead of regular nail polish. They will not get smudged for your wedding day or your entire honeymoon!

8. Elbow Exfoliation

Yes, you heard me right. ELBOWS. This is a vital beauty tip. There are going to be a gazillion photos taken and those elbows are going to be brushed against everyone you know and care about. Not to mention that your honeymoon is that evening. Soft smooth skin is important! Making sure you are hydrated will help the skin heal itself. But if it is the night before, and you still have rough skin, try taking a bath then applying some salt scrub with sodium bicarbonate to those elbows. That damaged skin will slide right off! Remember to apply some great lotion afterwords and keep reapplying as often as you can until wedding time.

Bonus Beauty Tip

These 8 beauty tips will have you looking your best for wedding day! But if I could offer one more word of advice, don’t stress if everything is not perfect. Smile and enjoy the day, because it is YOUR day. And nothing makes a bride more beautiful than a smile. No amount of makeup or hair product can create that look!

All that matters is the love you and that handsome groom have for one another. Here is to forever!





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I’m Kylee—a mom boss building businesses and community from the comfiest spot on my bed. I am a photographer, an educator, a mom blogger and community builder. I shoot weddings and families, lead an incredible team of photographers and employees, share my love for Maskcara make up, help other entrepreneurs create thriving businesses and most importantly, take my kids on adventures.


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