I’m Kylee—a mom boss building businesses and community from the comfiest spot on my bed. I am a photographer, an educator, a mom blogger and community builder. I shoot weddings and families, lead an incredible team of photographers and employees, share my love for Maskcara make up, help other entrepreneurs create thriving businesses and most importantly, take my kids on adventures.


Roolee Engagement Dress | Donut Falls Engagements | Lindsay and Austin Engagements

Roolee Engagement Dress

People near and far have been obsessed with Lindsay’s Roolee engagement dress!! Finally the blog family gets to enjoy her beauty! We headed up to Donut Falls for engagements and I’m so glad cause it was so summery and beautiful! I love these two and their love story. Lindsay tells it so well in her own words! Enjoy!

“How did you meet?”

We met at our apartment complex in Provo! We are both attending UVU. I was in the hot tub with my roommate our first night and there were some boys in the hot tub. My roommate, Emily, introduced herself, and we all started talking. The boys were all roommates and were all from South Jordan, and had been best friends in high school, and all just got home from missions. So long story short, a few months later the boys roommates came over to my apartment for a game night. Austin was at that game night! I had my eyes on he and his roommate instead though……. Whoops…

“Where was your first date? What did you do?”

So for a week or so we all hung out and I flirted with both boys. They made EXTRAVAGANT measures to try and win me over one another. Austin beat his roommate to asking me on the first date however, and all of his roommates asked all of my roommates out. We all went to a bouncy house and classic skating. It was the most natural, and fun, and easy date I’d ever been on! So the next night, Austin took me on a double date. We went and had a steak feast at his parents home! I was so nervous to meet the family on the SECOND date, but when I walked into his house, it was the most welcoming home I’d ever been in! Then we went to an improv comedy show in Salt Lake City, and it was, once again, the most fun and casual and easy date I’d ever been on! I knew I wanted to date Austin! SOO I made every flirting gesture in the book, and he got the hint and held my hand! The next night Austin had to take back his parents car (he’d borrowed it for the date) to South Jordan, so I offered to drive up with him and drive him back to Provo! My mom invited me for dinner that night, so Austin came too…! So by ‘date 3’ we’d met each other’s families! Ha! From there we were inseparable, and never looked back!

“How did he propose?”

We started dating in October, by December we knew we were going to get married. For Christmas he got us Brad Paisley concert tickets for February 1st. That’s when I thought he’d propose. THREE MONTHS LATER… Austin’s family has a cabin, and it’s Austin’s favorite place on earth. He can’t talk more fondly of it! So for a couple of months we had been planning his family’s pictures (that I was going to take) and his sister’s senior pictures. So we decided to do it up at the cabin. A couple of days before the cabin, Austin asked me on a date for the next week to go to the Cheesecake factory and to hang around Salt Lake. So that’s when I thought he’d propose. The day of the cabin arrived. It had been 75 degrees all week, but the day of the cabin… it was pouring. Yay. So we get up to the cabin and Austin’s dad says, “Hey there’s a couple of places I was thinking may be less rainy and cold, let’s go check them out to see if they work.” So Austin, his sister, mom, dad, and I, all pile in the truck to go check these places out (Austin has 3 other siblings but they didn’t care to come scout out, so they stayed at the cabin). So we went crazy off roading in the truck, surrounded by mud, and we could roll and slip and die at any given moment. We come around this bend, and Aus goes, “Wait, Dad! I want to hurry and show Lindsay the caves!” So Austin’s dad lets us out and says he will go up a bit further and then turn around and come get us! There was this sign by the road that said “NO CAMPING”, yet right next to it someone had set up a tent. What kind of imbeciles… so we were laughing about that and walking up this hill, my feet were freeeezingggg, and Austin was just sauntering, taking his own sweet little time. I turned to him and was like, “baby, my feet are freezing, so if we are gonna make it to these caves, we’ve gotta get a move on!” Aus looks at me and says, “I just want to hold you though”. How do you say no to that. So he hugs me and says cute things in my ears like normal, but then all of a sudden, he gets down on a knee in the mud! “What are you doing, no, stop it!” I said to him. He just laughs, and looks up at me and says, “Lindsay Joann Tuft, will you be my wife for time and all eternity? Will you marry me?” I bent down and pulled him up to kiss me and was just squealing! I asked if he’d put the ring on me, and he says, “so uhm, is that a yes?” Turns out there are no caves, and when we turned around, his aunt and cousin were hiding in that tent taking pictures! Clever boy, clever clever boy!



  1. Ashley Ziegler

    April 1st, 2019 at 5:11 pm

    I love wildflowers as much as the next person but the fact that it is just green in all of these photos is actually BEAUTIUFL and her dresses are so cute!!!

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I’m Kylee—a mom boss building businesses and community from the comfiest spot on my bed. I am a photographer, an educator, a mom blogger and community builder. I shoot weddings and families, lead an incredible team of photographers and employees, share my love for Maskcara make up, help other entrepreneurs create thriving businesses and most importantly, take my kids on adventures.


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