I was tired of not knowing what to do, spending way too much time and money on my make up routine that didn't even look amazing and not feeling confident in my skills or looks. Maskcara turned me (a total make up newb & hot mess mom boss) into a contouring pro with confidence. Now I share it.

This is iiiD foundation. A GENIUS way of doing your foundation without looking flat or caking on all sorts of layers. Instead of one solid color for your face and adding highlight and contour on top, we simplify the make up process while highlighting your best features.

+ It's easy and efficient.                                           + It's gorgeous on, and gorgeous in your bathroom drawer
+ It's innovative and affordable.                             + It's beautiful on ALLLLL ages and skin types.

         HIGHLIGHT                    CONTOUR                                LIP & CHEEK          



This color is lighter than your natural skin tone. We us a yellow base which is great for covering redness. The yellow turns creamy and glowy when blended on your skin. 

✨ With the small end of the HAC brush, apply this shade to the bridge of your nose, beneath your eyes and down the side of your nose in a pie piece shape, between your brows, on chin and along the jawline.

✨A little goes a long way! Less is more with Maskcara.

✨Make it look like beautiful, glowy skin instead of heavy, cakes make up by stippling the color onto your skin with your 30 sec HAC brush.

✨Most girls can pull of a few different shades of the highlight and contour. The Lip & Cheek colors, along with illuminators are universal.

Contour is meant to shape your face and enhance your best features. 

✨ Multiple colors work for every person. I was scared to death of that dark color in the corner..but it's my fave this fall.

✨ If you start your Contour at the top of the ear, you will avoid a Contour beard...and instead lift those cheeks

✨ It's the best part of the four colors... 😍 I love catching my cheekbones in the mirror. It lifts my face sooo much!

This color is deeper than your natural skin tone. It creates and accentuates the shadows on your face giving dimension. You use it on your forehead, beneath cheekbones, jaw line and sides of your nose.

Either you love blush or you hate it. If you hate it, you might be someone with naturally red cheeks. With Maskcara, we take out all the unwanted red and add that perfect pink shade right in the apples of your cheeks. A little bit goes a long way. 

✨Apply this with a brush, sponge or fingertip to the apples of your cheeks and to the center of your lips.

Finish everything with this gorgeous shimmery cream. It gives the face a candlelit dewiness and perfects your complexion. 

✨ Apply with your fingertip to the top of your cheekbones, the bow of your lip and beneath the arch of your brow.


LET Me help you find your match!

Send me a selfie without any make up in even, natural light or come over for a free color match make over!


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I am a busy mom of three kids and owner of a full-time wedding studio yet when the opportunity came to sign up as a Maskcara artist, I jumped in with both feet. The key to being in a direct sales business is finding a product you love and would share with all your friends even without getting any perks in return. The commission and free make up just become a side effect of sharing something you love with people you love. Maskcara is that perfect match for me.

Being a Maskcara artist is... 
✨ make overs with your girlfriends 
✨ letting Uncle Sam pay for your make up 
✨ answering work emails with babies on your lap 
✨ growing your confidence as a make up wearer, mom boss and woman 
✨ trying and loving more eye colors in 6 months than you have in your whole live
 ✨ selfies...so many selfies 
✨ building a tribe of women that have your back.
✨ leadership, personal development and constant improvement. 
✨ empowering women - near and far. 
✨financial freedom

Team Twins and Co is tight knit. We laugh together, cry together and go after our goals together. If you want to be on a team that loves you, believes in you and challenges you, join our team! We have girls straight out of high school, moms that haven't worked in years, women with multiple jobs and women that run other businesses, too. You belong.

+Affordable Business Start Up 

+Company Fulfilled Orders = No Overhead + No Packaging + No Post Office Runs
+Personal Replicated Website...and it's BEAUTIFUL
+Maskcara App for Sales, Business and Training
+Controlled Recruiting + Exclusive Customers
+A Marketable, Affordable, Beautifully Branded Product

+Artist & Team Facebook Groups
+Online Training Classes from Top Leaders
+Twins and Company Team Getting Started Guide & Email Drip to Get You Started on the Fast Track
+One on One Help 


nearly all the make up, brushes, tools and products Maskcara sells ($950 worth), a personalized website, app, all the marketing materials and training for 400 or 200


Becoming an Artist

basic kit 199                                                                            pro kit 399


1. Choose a Kit     2. Get Access to our Training, Courses & Ebooks    3. Get make up & paychecks while looking beautiful

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