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Elegant Winter Engagements | Andi and Chase Engagements | Tibble Fork in the Winter

I am beyond thrilled to get to share these elegant winter engagements!!  Andi and Chase should just start their careers as professional models right now! They were so natural being in front of the camera, and it made my job so easy! I am just in love with their love story. These two briefly met while serving their missions in Oklahoma. Months later they reconnected when they were both home in Utah. Chase reached out to her and Andi was eager to go on a date with him! They went on a few dates last spring, including going to get fro-yo and heading up Provo Canyon! Theses two both left for the summer but stayed in touch as Chase worked in another state and Andi taught English in Thailand. They were both happy to come home after a summer of adventures to finally get to really date each other.

Proposal in the Mountains

Andi was so convinced that Chase wouldn’t be proposing for at least a month after Christmas. She was so sure that he wouldn’t pop the question but Chase had plans of his own. He’s not the kind of guy that waits around when he finds what he wants. The ring store called and said the ring was ready much earlier than previously planned and he headed right there to get it. He called his mom and made a plan to propose to Andi that day. He took her back up to the place they had gone on their first date in the canyon, got his brother to come take photos, made up a small story about taking her to a “special bench” he wanted to show her. Andi had no idea and was so thrilled when he dropped to his knee. She said yes instantly and it was the easiest question to answer!

Elegant Winter Engagements

We headed up to the most beautiful wonderland for these elegant winter engagements. I’ve never seen Tibble Fork have this much snow and it was so funny to watch us try to wade through it. These guys were troopers and up for the adventure! And can we just talk about their outfits? So classy! Andi thought about every detail and it shows in the photos. They were up for anything and we even hiked up the side of a short hill and each were sinking to our thighs. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time and it was so fun to see them be so playful together! Can’t wait for their wedding coming up in March! Congrats you two!

Elegant Winter Engagements Elegant Winter Engagements Elegant Winter Engagements Elegant Winter Engagements

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