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Bride Tip • Best Logan Utah Wedding Cakes

Logan Utah Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes are important. The “cut the cake” pictures are ones that my husband and I still cherish and laugh at. Smashing it in each others faces. Or being kind 😉 This is a time to show off those personalities and give your guests a little look into your relationship. Your baker is going to make all of the difference. Their skill level will determine how your cake tastes as well as what it will look like. When picking a baker, you MUST see their past works!!!

The Worst Cake Horror Story Ever – And It Happened to My Best Friend:

My best friend got married about 5 years ago. She is a cake person, and her cake was one of THEE most important parts of the day to her. She had this incredible baker lined up. Then her sister came out with this dream of one day being a wedding cake designer. My friend is SO supportive of her family. Too supportive. And finally agreed to let this sister create this four-tier dream cake. IF only she knew.

The day of the wedding came, and suddenly no one could find this sister. Family pictures, the luncheon – no sister. Not only did this mess up the photographer’s schedule, but the bride was a nervous wreck wondering if she would even have a cake! Unfortunately, not having a cake at all would have been a better scenario.

The cake sister finally showed up two hours late to the reception with a wedding cake that was lopsided. We had a four-tier Tower of Pisa on our hands. The cake was falling, and if was falling FAST. So the bride’s new mother-in-law stepped up and tried to place sticks around the cake for support. As she was kneeling down grabbing another stick, events took a bad turn.  The cake slid right through the sticks – but worse – toppled down right on the mother-in-laws head. All over her clothes, and even in one of her shoes!

What could be worse than this embarrassment? The family pictures had yet to be taken.

We were an hour up in the mountains with no spare clothes or a shower. Fortunately, that mother-in-law was a good sport and agreed to take pictures regardless. But when you look back through my best friend’s wedding pictures, you will see matted cake hair in every single one with her poor mother-in-law!

So basically…

Please don’t let your sister who has never made a grilled cheese attempt to make your wedding cake. And please take who your baker is very seriously! My best friend’s wedding cake is quite the horror story, but even bakers who have made cakes before will not have all the right tools or know how to do everything. Look through their past work. Ask your friends and family for recommendations. And read this blog post, to find the best Logan Utah Wedding Cakes.



There is a reason that The Graceful Baker is on the very top of this list. To put it simply: She is the BEST. This shop is run by Grace Harvell. I love her work so much that she does ALL of my styled photo shoot cakes! Like the Blue and Gold beauty below… 😍 Grace has been doing wedding cakes here in Logan for 20+ years. She has taught baking at USU. And I have tasted her creations dozens of times. Not only is she one of the sweetest people you will ever meet, her cakes are the sweetest too! If you want the perfect cake, call Grace.

Here are links to her websiteInstagram where you can see more of her work. Or just give her a call – (435)757-9976. Your dream cake awaits!

Logan Wedding Cakes The Graceful Baker


If you have tasted their cupcakes, you are probably already dialing their number… TO DIE FOR. But have you ever seen one of their wedding cakes? These bakers are the best of the best. They are constantly turning goodies into photogenic masterpieces. They have more tools than anyone else I know to do any creative designs you could possibly see on Pinterest!

Before you do anything else, you MUST look through their Cake Gallery — HERE. They do gorgeous classy cakes & some hilarious birthday cakes – like their unicorn cake! They are so fun to look through.

Logan Utah Logan UT wedding Cakes Logan Wedding Cakes Temptation Cupcake


When my Kylee Ann Bride’s ask me where ti find the best Logan Utah Wedding Cakes, Lee’s Marketplace is always on my top 3 list. Why? Because you are going to get the best ‘bang for your buck’. These guys do an incredible job at a price that can fit into any budget. They also do floral, which is super convenient if you are wanting your bridal bouquet and cake floral to match! I love Lee’s.

You can find their website HERE. But I find it easiest to just call them and set up an appointment! The Logan Lee’s phone number is (435)755-5100.


Steph doesn’t actually own a bakery, which means you are going to be getting a better price than with Grace or Temptation. Which is always a bonus. Plus Steph is SO talented and can do any basic design! We did a photo shoot with her a few years ago, and she created this gorgeous naked cake. I was in love, and now keep recommending her out to my brides!

You may have also heard of Steph from the Sister Shop. It’s an online modest boutique that her and her mom own. I am a Sister Shop addict. Steph is an incredible designer whether it is clothing or cakes. And she is one of the sweetest people you will EVER meet. Bubbly, fun, and you feel like you’re best friends after only talking for a few minutes! Seriously, she would be so fun to work with as your baker. Message her on Instagram HERE to ask about your dream cake or bridesmaids dresses!


Schaefer’s has been around for over 30 years. They are a family business grown up right here in Logan. The kindest and most down to earth people you will ever meet, and maybe even the most delicious of cakes! They bake everything from wedding cakes to heavenly donuts. And it is all from scratch. You can find their website HERE or just give them a call -> (435)752-0929. They are so great to work with!

Jake & Mckenzie’s wedding (two pictures below) was one of the most incredible weddings I have ever been too. I’m talking: MY DREAM WEDDING. Of all the hundreds of weddings I have shot, I can only feature 3 on my website’s front page, and The Redds is one of them. That’s how much I love them. These two had the best style. And they went with Shaffer’s for all of their Cakes & Sweets! They highly recommend them, and I do too! So yummy.



Sweet Plum is run by Megan Call. Who is such a talented baker in the making. She is newer and has not done a ton of work yet, but what I have seen so far, I have LOVED. She created this cake for one of my styled shoots. So simple. So gorgeous.

Because she is so new though, she will not have all of the tools or experience to make something extremely intricate. However, she will probably give you a GREAT price. I recommend giving her a call and seeing what she can do for you! I absolutely loved working with Megan. And who knows, in a few years she might be the next Grace! And you could be one of the first brides to find her!


Alexis Halland is the girl who runs Plum Cakery. She has done some amazing work. I love to look through her website’s wedding cake gallery! But unfortunately, I have only ever been able to work with her once 🙈 so my personal experience is limited. The one time we met, she was great to work with and brought in this cute simple cake with purple and green floral. Very well done. Hoping to see more of her at Logan Utah Weddings in the future!

Logan Utah Wedding Cakes


Well those are all of my experiences & recommendations. There are some great Logan Utah Bakers! We are blessed to have such a talented community.

And if you are ever looking for ways to make your cake look more grande without the large ticket price, you NEED to check out my Wedding Budget Saving Hacks post! It can literally save you hundreds. Happy wedding planning!


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