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McMurdie Ranch Beef and Farm Brand Shoot

The McMurdie Ranch Beef and Farm Brand Shoot

The McMurdie Ranch Beef and Farm Brand Shoot was a beautiful combination of product photography and lifestyles. Their gallery really showed off how important and useful both categories are! I loved the bright and dappled light that filled their kitchen while we snapped pictures of the wrapped cuts for the boxes.

Jana married into a family farming business

Jana married into a family farming business, but she’s carving out a spot of her own on their beautiful ranch. She is taking the beef directly to the consumer! Which is no small task!! They sell beef in various cuts to local families. They’ve also hatched a brilliant idea called the Burger and Beef Box! You can get select cuts your family will love.
After we went outside to capture the cows! We found their boys cute little calves anxiously waiting for the kids to come home. And we grabbed a headshot of our gorgeous Jana!! Then we drove across the road to find the big herd of cattle. Jana and her husband have been researching all the best ways to take care of their cattle and land. It was so fun to visit with them and find out more about how they’re not just raising cows, but restoring the earth.

From the McMurdie’s themselves:

“Our naturally raised beef is nurtured on our farm and ranch in northern Utah and southern Idaho. Our goal is to provide delicious, nutrient dense beef that is also clean and free of hormone and steroids. We offer 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, or whole beef options. We also offer Burger and Beef Boxes for those who want our naturally raised beef in smaller amounts. These boxes includes 10-15 lbs of our beef with different options available. From our pasture to your plate, we hope your family loves our naturally raised beef as much as our family does.”
We can’t wait to see the McMurdie’s success! Check out their Instagram here.

February 12, 2021

Mandi Christensen

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