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Photographing Families With Adult Kids

Photographing Families With Adult Kids

How To Photograph Adults — One of the most frequently asked questions in Kylee Ann’s Photog group is how to pose a family with all adult children. This might seem counter intuitive for photographers outside of Utah, but in Utah you’re almost always photographing a family with small children. Since so many photographers love movement in their pictures you can totally freeze up when you’ve got 9 adults staring at you wondering what to do next. Remember how with your adorable newly engaged couple you’re talking through the ENTIRE shoot. Telling them they look great, you’ll let them know how to pose, and they aren’t expected to know how to do this? Now you’re expected to do that with 9 adults because they have all reached that social awareness of wow this looks and feels awkward. Here are three some quick tips to help you and everyone you’re working with calm down.

How To Photograph Adults

Tip #1  Teach Posing Through Headshots

Start with a quick individual headshot. When you jump right into the big family picture you are trying to remember names, no one knows what to do, and it can be really chaotic. Starting with some one on one attention gives you an opportunity to talk to each individual family member and allows you to shower them with love so they can loosen up. You can tell them quick tips and ask them to remember that when posing the whole family. Pick out something specific to compliment while taking individual headshots. Shantelle, your eyes are glowing. They are going to pop in this image. Wow, you’re eyes are so beautiful. This allows them to continue feeling confident the whole shoot.

How To Photograph Adults

Tip #2   Less Is More

Remember they are only going to hang one family picture. Maybe a few more, but you really don’t need 25 pictures of the family together. There are only so many options for printing. Start with some fake laughing pictures so they can transition into the traditional smiling at the camera picture with ease.  If you need some awesome mom jokes, I’ve got them! Have them stand up, sit down, and capture movement. You’re guaranteed to get enough pictures.

How To Photograph Adults

Tip #3   Stay Confident

Keep it short and sweet, and keep your confidence. I think having a large group of impatient men might be harder than some impatient toddlers. Keep moving through your poses confidently and keep commanding (nicely) the group so you don’t lose control of your shoot. Now breath and go capture some beautiful images of people who can actually listen to your posing instructions, it’s really not as bad as it seems.

How To Photograph Adults

April 26, 2018

Kylee Ann Team

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