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Being a full-time mom and photographer can make some things a little more complicated. When I was single, traveling was easy. I only had to pack and worry about myself. My own clothes, my own ticket and my own agenda. I could take my time walking to my gate and I could go to the bathroom […]

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I love natural light photography! I can use artificial lights, such as flash, studio strobes, continuous light sources, etc, but I tend to hate the look of flash versus natural light and only use it when necessary (like wedding receptions, studio sessions or other dark lit events). Natural light photography is not always easiest. In […]

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Most children will say “cheese!” automatically when they see a camera, but the smiles the word “cheese!” produces are canned and unnatural. The teeth are usually gritted, and the rest of their face just looks fake. 1. Distract Them. To get natural, beautiful smiles, the kids need to be distracted from the camera. Get them […]

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> I’ve been tagged in a few behind the scene photos from recent styled shoots. Now everyone wants to know: What is that light and where did you get it? pc: hannah fine Guys! This light is my new favorite thing! I’m so happy you all want to know because I want to share! A […]

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Shooting into the sun is no easy task. Sometimes there’s funky sun flare going through your photo and other times there’s so much sun that you can’t see a thing. It’s hard to focus, impossible to meter and hurts your eyeballs. BUT there is nothing more romantic and beautiful than that soft sun flare lighting up […]

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Taking pictures of toddlers is not easy generally! They usually have their own agenda and they don’t like to be told what to do and when to do it. They’re a lot like teenagers in that way ;) I have a few easy steps to take great pictures of toddlers. Step 1. Set the scene First […]

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Instagram has changed the world. Seriously. Before Instagram, I would take hundreds of pictures at every event and upload them to an album at the end of the week and call it “Christmas Break” or “Date Night.” I have thousands of photos on my personal Facebook page of the same pictures over and over. Luke opening […]