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Weston Idaho Family Photographer | Roberts Family

Keeping kids happy at family pictures

It was so fun to meet the Roberts Family in Weston, Idaho for family pictures. I live in Smithfield, so it was fun to be a Weston Idaho Family Photographer for a day! I love getting to photograph other areas of beautiful Cache Valley! The Roberts family picked out adorable outfits that coordinated perfectly and the location was also really cute! They used private property near their farm for their family pictures.

Weston Idaho Family Photographer

Taking pictures can be stressful for kids. I am going to share some tips to make it a more enjoyable experience for them!

Explain to them exactly what is going to happen. Have you ever been really anxious about something because you didn’t know what to expect? Explaining to the children exactly what is going to happen at family pictures can help them have a better experience! Tell them a little bit about what it will be like, what order you are going to take pictures in and how you would like them to behave.

Weston Idaho Family Photographer Weston Idaho Family Photographer

Make a game out of it. Sometimes kids look really stiff just standing there. If you make a fun game out of it, like spinning, joking, and jumping or running, you can get some cute happy faces!

Weston Idaho Family Photographer

Stay calm. Sometimes kids get even more stressed when parents are stressed. If you can stay calm, it helps the kids a lot and makes the whole experience better for everyone.

Weston Idaho Family Photographer

Feed them before you go. We all know how we can get when we are hangry! Giving your kids food before you go helps keep their tummies full and they are less likely to have a breakdown if they are fed! Keep that in mind when scheduling the family session. If it is during dinner time, make sure they have a small meal or snack beforehand!

I can’t wait to be a Weston Idaho family photographer again!

July 13, 2022

Nicole Erickson

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