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Working Together as a Team | Woodlander Toys

Working together as a team is what we do best here at Kylee Ann Studios.


These past few months our team member Mandi was transitioning out of taking sessions.   She needed to quarantine in order to take care of her family after finding out her girls were sick.  Working with models was no longer an option, but she was able to continue doing flat lays for a while!  Everything she touches is absolutely beautiful and she thrives in that creative space.  Make sure you scroll down and look at the way she is able to use light to help the products shine!


For this shoot for Woodlander Toys we were able to take our own specific talents and work together as a team to make something beautiful.  After Mandi finished with the flat lays I took the products and did the lifestyle portion of the session.  I absolutely adore any time I can work with moms and their kids together.  Being able to set up and style lifestyle photos is another favorite thing of mine, especially when the products area as simple and beautiful as these.  Capturing people using our clients’ products just like they would in their every day lives is extremely satisfying for me.


Working together as a team makes us be the best photographers possible for our clients.  We are able to not only play on our strengths, but so many more things!  There have been times when we have needed to cover for each other if something comes up like sickness, without having to change the schedule for our clients.  Most importantly we are able to cheer each other on in both our professional and personal lives.  Working together as a team is so powerful, and Kylee has all of the systems in place to make it advantageous for each of us photographers and clients alike!

Working Together as a Team Working Together as a Team Working Together as a Team

January 31, 2022

Kylee Ann Team

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