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How to Expand your Photography Business in 48 Hours

Expanding Your Photography Business in 48 Hours

When I started at Kylee Ann Studios, I was so amazed at how organized and simple the business model was. There are dozens of resources Kylee uses everyday to simplify the process of creating content, posting on social media, sending emails, Pinning, scheduling posts, etc.

Every person at Kylee Ann Studios uses the same system so that every client experience is the same. Each blog is consistently formatted, the photos are the same quality, the editing is the same no matter what camera or lens or lighting is used. It’s part of the reason her business model is so successful. One time I started asking her about it:

“Kylee, it must have taken you hours to find and set up all of these websites for your business. I wouldn’t know the first thing about finding these kinds of sites to help outsource the work. How did you figure out which sites were the best for your business?”

Her answer was so simple: Education!

The Role of Workshops

Professionals and experts host workshops to teach their peers. Among the various topics, they often suggest websites and apps they use and demonstrate why and how to use them. The more she learned from these workshops, the more she succeeded in reaching her goals and expanding Kylee Ann Photography into Kylee Ann Studios. It’s also why she offers workshops. One of Kylee’s great aspirations for Kylee Ann Studios is to educate others.

Over 7 years she’s gained all kinds of experience and perfected parts of her business model. The operations have become so systematic that she’s been able to step back from much of the day to day work, to focus on being a mom, and the big picture for Kylee Ann Studios.

But I don’t have the money?

Workshops accelerate your business by YEARS. You can continue to learn on your own through blogs, Pinterest and Facebook groups but if you’re ready to see major success and major income growth, invest!! If you invest $1000 to focus on your business and learn ALL the tools you need to be successful, you will earn that back ten fold throughout the rest of the year. Change your story from breaking even each year to making a living for your family.

Even to this day Kylee invests in education and teaches what she learns to her peers, employees and through her workshops. We’ve blogged several workshops, including in Utah, Oregon, and Alaska.

This Arizona Photography Workshop is going to be a destination SLEEPOVER covering all things photography, post-processing, finding your brand and getting your business legal!

In 48 hours you will learn…..


  • Use your strengths, skills and personality to build a business that stands out in saturated markets.
  • Learn how to think like a CEO with systems, automation, outsourcing, schedules and more.
  • Discover simple ways to market your business that are natural, inexpensive and highly effective
  • Leave with an eight-page business plan filled with ways to create, sustain and grow your dream business.
  • Q&A – All things brand, business and marketing.


  • Find out what’s in my bag and how I use it.
  • Discover my tips for best lighting at high noon or golden hour.
  • Get inside my head on how to capture raw emotion, simple ways to pose clients in a more authentic way and compositions I use throughout every session.
  • Learn how to photograph details better to grow your portfolio to attract higher end weddings.
  • Learn my post-processing workflow (aka the One Hour Workflow) from start to finish including culling, editing shortcuts, creating presets, basics of LR Develop and Library modules, using brushes, exporting, sizing, blogging workflow and more.

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Most importantly I want you to have fun and be yourself. We all have different shooting styles and systems. Come find out what works for me and how you can make it work for you!





July 13, 2018

Kylee Ann Team

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