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This commercial brand shoot featuring Beba Bean clothing is stunning. They were first known for their Pee-Pee Teepee’s. (Helping fathers and mothers everywhere with diaper changes). We all know how pee-pee surprises but a wrench in our day. But now Beba Bean is known for fashionable baby clothes and accessories as well. They put a […]

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WHY It’s a brand’s job to add diversity to the industry. As a lifestyle blogger, influence and commercial photographer I believe it is my responsibility to celebrate diversity.  I try to to use commercial jobs to add diversity to my own brand by using models of all ethnicities and abilities. I think we should all […]

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What it takes to make the new Kylee Ann team… My parents were entrepreneurs my whole life long. I’ve learned a lot from watching them. One lesson is that IF you can choose who to work with it is a privilege and a great responsibility. So choose people who make you better, who bring passion […]

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Abuse cases are MILLIONS higher than last year. Millions. 😭 My heart has been heavy after learning about all the ways COVID has made sex trafficking easier, and rescues harder. We have to save these kids! We all can #RISEUP to fight against child sex trafficking. BE LOUD, and use your voice! Take the free training, and […]

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Call me typical but Taylor Swift has always been one of my favorite, if not my favorite, artists. I have always loved her music because she tells love stories in her songs. Photography is similar in that way. It’s unique because I get to capture images that tell stories instead of lyrics. But it’s an […]

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This has been the longest awaited family session of all time…It was worth the wait for these Mantua family pictures! You’ll see…. We had Russel’s birth story on the calendar for MONTHS. We were getting so close to his birth when COVID hit. Restrictions were put in place at the hospitals and we all quarantined. […]

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I legitimately lost my mind. It was almost two years ago when I was in the middle of a family shoot and my memory completely disappeared. I finished the shoot (miraculously) and headed to the ER. It was a stress migraine that made me lose my memory for several hours. The MRI came back clear, […]

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Its hard to be present with your kids when you have so many ideas in your head My mind is going all day long. I can go one hour driving in the car with ABC kid soundtrack playing and not notice because my inner dialogue is so strong. Ideas come to me in the car, […]

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I like to tell my only daughter that we all come in different shapes and sizes, colors and characters. Each one of us is special and we should cherish differences. I try to show her this in the way I speak about and treat other women. With all the negativity and judgement in the world, […]

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For years and years, I never said no. I hate to disappoint people. I’m pretty much a people pleaser, and hate to see people upset. “No” was not really in my vocabulary when I started business. Would you do it for this price? YES Can you get me all the pictures back in time for this? […]

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When I think of the words “Blueberry Hill”, it takes me back to simpler times. It reminds me of when I played Candy Land and watched teletubbies. It’s a fitting names for such quaint children’s apparel. This handmade apparel is designed for both fashion and function. With quality materials and expert skill, these precious pieces […]

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I cry every time I pass the high school. Especially graduation week. All the seniors had their very own congrats sign lining both sides of the street. Every time I passed, there were kids on the side of the road standing by their sign while their mom took their photo. I don’t know too many […]


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