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The ABCs of Starting a Photography Business 

Starting a photography business can be an exciting, albeit intimidating, experience. You have the passion and the skill, but you don’t know where to start. You may have even decided against beginning your own business because you don’t know what steps to take. Well, never fear! This blog post will give you the ABCs of starting a photography business so that you can make your dream a reality.
Starting a Photography Business

A – Assess Your Skills and Equipment

The first step is to assess where you are currently at. What skills do you possess? What equipment do you have access to? Make an honest list of both your strengths and weaknesses in regards to photography. Once that is done, research what skills and equipment are necessary for success in the industry. That way, if there are any gaps between what you need and what you currently possess/know, then it’s easier to find ways to fill them.
For example, maybe you need more advanced software or another camera lens for certain shots. Knowing what these needs ahead of time will make sure you are fully prepared for when customers come calling for your service.
Some things we swear by:

B – Build Your Brand

When it comes to marketing yourself as a photographer, branding is key. Figure out who your ideal customer is—are they moms looking for family photos? Are they brides-to-be wanting engagement pictures? Or maybe they are small businesses needing professional headshots?
Narrowing down your target audience will help guide every other decision related to building your brand identity—from logo design and website copywriting to social media content creation and networking opportunities with other photographers or influencers in the industry. When people think of “photographer” they should immediately associate that with YOUR name and aesthetic!

Starting a Photography Business

C – Connect With Others

Once all the behind-the-scenes work has been done (like setting up contracts, invoicing systems, portfolio website site design) it’s time to network!
Join groups on Facebook or Instagram specifically geared towards photographers or entrepreneurs in general—you never know who might be able to refer potential clients your way or provide valuable advice related to running a successful business! Also try connecting directly with potential clients by offering deals or discounts via email campaigns or social media ads. Showing people that value their business is always a great way start off any relationship!
Take our one week instagram challenge to get a jump start on connecting and converting through social media.
Starting a photography business doesn’t have be overwhelming; just focus on assessing your current situation (skills and equipment), building an identifiable brand identity (logos/website/social media), and connecting with others (networking/social media ads). With these three steps under your belt, you can start confidently taking on paid gigs as soon as today! You already have the talent–all that’s left now is giving yourself permission to go after this dream of yours full force!

February 1, 2023

Kylee Maughan

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