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Auto-Posting with Planoly | How to Schedule Instagram Posts and Why You Won’t Regret It!

I am a planner. I love to pack for vacations a few weeks early. When I’m pregnant, the carseat is in the car and the bags are packed at the beginning of third tri. My blog calendar is scheduled at least a month in advance. And I schedule ALL my Instagram Posts.Auto-Posting with Planoly | How to Schedule Instagram Posts and Why You Won't Regret It!

Why I Love Scheduling Instagram Posts:

  1. I can think of a meaningful, creative captions
  2. I can batch work and get a LOT of Instagram posts done at once instead of staring at my phone for 30 minutes with a blank mind
  3. I remember to actually post on Instagram when it’s all scheduled in advance
  4. I can live in the moment with my family…instead of thinking of what I should be posting online
  5. I can write when my brain wants to write
  6. I can keep my feed cohesive and beautiful – which is important as a photographer. We want our best work to show.
  7. etc etc etc…so many more reasons.

Notice how I post 1-2 times per day on each social media platform? Yeah, who’s got time for that? No one does! Unless you’re only doing it once a week or even better, once a month!!! I have been scheduling my social media posts for YEARS.

But….Scheduling just got a BILLION times better because Instagram FINALLY partnered with a bunch of programs to get the AUTO-POST feature. That means: You write, you add the picture, you schedule and then you can sign off ✌ for a month and it will post all your scheduled content to Instagram. You won’t be penalized for using auto-post because it’s a legit partnership with Instagram.

also, email me if you want to add a personal note!!!!


I can go on a vacation for a week AND not skip a beat with my marketing plan without even touching my phone.

There are a LOT of scheduling programs out there, but I prefer PLANOLY. Why? It connects my left brain and my right brain in the most perfect way.

  1. I can visually see the 9 square grid. I can see in advance what looks good next to what, and how it looks all together when I’m scrolling.
  2. I can save my favorite pictures from each session to the unscheduled section of Planoly creating a huge database of pictures to use when I’m ready to write my posts.also, email me if you want to add a personal note!!!!
  3. I can use placeholders to plan my feed around pictures I haven’t taken yet.
  4. I can draft captions without pictures and pictures without captions.
  5. I can view my analytics, search for hashtags and see my stats.
  6. I LOVE the calendar view where I can see which days I have posts scheduled and which days I need them.
  7. I can schedule STORIES!
  8. Again, etc etc etc. SO MANY REASONS.

Try Planoly TOTALLY FREE here!


March 1, 2018

Kylee Maughan

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