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Bride Tip • Walking Down the Aisle

It happens to the best of us…

Have you ever been tagged in an ugly photo on facebook & asked yourself WHY did I make that face?! You’re not alone. I’ve seen this happen with wedding pictures as well, especially the most critical moments of the ceremony. Like walking down the aisle, or a temple exit. Nine times out of ten, the problem can be prevented with a few pointers.

I DON’T want my brides to see their pictures and say:

Eww Gross! Why do I look so awkward?!  Why am I making that face–I didn’t know I made that face?  My expression is so embarrassing.  This half laugh thing isn’t doing it–I shouldn’t have held it in!!  What am I even looking at?!!  Did I have to stick my tongue out at that precise moment?  and finally  I was trying so hard not to cry, but I didn’t know that’s what I looked like!!

Walking down the aisle like a…Bride!

OMG, walking down the aisle is so scary. I remember at my wedding, I was freaking out when the music came on & my bridal party started walking…

“Wow they are walking so fast, I wonder if they’re nervous. I should have told them to walk slowly. Are they lining up properly? I hope they like the music–its from ….” and on and on

But then, the thought came into my head: WHO CARES?! THIS moment is for you and for him.

And I looked at my true love, and saw the nerves in his face, and I smiled. I watched the flower girls dance down the aisle. I looked into the faces of the people who came. And then we were there & the moment was over. A half a dozen breaths was all it was. Then, as I turned to look at Yanni, my whole world was about him.

It’s a space of time that prepares you for the promises you will make with your groom.

It’s a time to look into the eyes of your loved ones.

It’s a moment so precious and personal, you will treasure forever.

It’s a precious moment you’ll want immortalized.

Bride Tip

  1. Be Present. Just be mindful that this is a precious moment for you to feel. Focus on your feelings, and don’t worry about what other people are feeling. Don’t worry about your bridesmaid’s nerves, don’t worry about the flower girl who is running around–someone will grab her eventually. If you’ve done a lot of the planning, it’s hard to let go–but your job is done, you’re not in charge. So just feel.
  2. Be Prepared. It’s okay to be worried about being the center of attention. Lots of people are. Make sure to have your music and bridal party line rehearsed and ready to go. That way, you don’t have to think about anything.
  3. Let your emotion show. Lots of people laugh when they get nervous, or cry. Don’t try to block it out. Laughter, Crying–Let it come naturally. It’ll probably make you feel better, and a few tears and rosy nose looks better than constipation. If you really don’t want to cry, try to relax your face into a pleasant smile, and breathe deeply.
  4. Don’t make faces. If you’re one of those people that makes lots of silly faces at people when you get nervous, this one is for you. This is not the time to glare, stick your tongue out, roll your eyes or raise your eyebrows in weird ways. You can do that during speeches, or on your way back out of the aisle, or in the receiving line. Not here. Trust us.

August 14, 2019

Kylee Ann Team

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