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Calligraphy Kit Photography

Calligraphy Kit Photography

Props and accessories can feel like the unsung heroes of photography. They guide the viewer’s attention, provide context, and contribute to the mood even if the viewer doesn’t consciously realize it.

I have a closet in my studio full of props that I go through as I prepare for every shoot. Taking out pieces that add to your visual story, like large plumes of feathers, added to our calligraphy shoot in a subtle but significant way.

Calligraphy Kit Photography Calligraphy Kit Photography

The right props can breathe life into your amazon photography shoot and lend a professional touch to your entire collection without saying a word.

When we start chatting with our clients, we send you a brand questionnaire. That is where you can begin to tell us your visual story! If you’re a new business and still trying to find your footing, we love helping with this too! We want to work together to help you create visuals that speak to your customers in engaging and genuine ways. We use photos (and can do video add-ons) to do this.

Calligraphy Kit Photography Calligraphy Kit Photography

Models as Storytellers

The human element adds a layer of relatability that elevates your photography to narrative levels. Our two teen models did a realistic and relatable job of experiencing these beginner calligraphy kits in front of the camera. They helped tell the story in a unique way! We even had an iPad set up for some of the shots while they watched tutorials from the creator of the kids that are included. It brought the visual story together seamlessly.

Calligraphy Kit Photography Calligraphy Kit Photography

Using the Pros for your Listing Photos

To achieve the high-quality shots that elevate your e-commerce game, a well-equipped photographer is crucial. The right tools can make the difference between a satisfactory image and a stunning one that demands a shopper’s attention. My understanding of light helped me tell this brand’s story in a compelling way. Bringing extra light in kept the shoot with an airy and light feeling, which the customer had expressed wanting her images to have.

I can’t wait to see how I can help elevate your brand’s products on all kinds of selling platforms! Head to the contact section to reach out!

May 16, 2024

Mandi Christensen

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