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Coronado Photographer 

Coronado photographer 

I have a long list of reasons why Coronado is my favorite place to photograph. My personal list consists of the fact that it is the very beach my husband and I took our engagements and bridals. The 8 minute drive from my apartment isn’t bad. And the taco stand at The Del just might have the best dang Pina coladas in all of San Diego. There are so many more reasons to love being a Coronado photographer, but here are a few that make it my favorite place to shoot! 

Coronado Photographer Coronado Photographer

The best spot for minis

The rolling dunes and expansive beach gives plenty of space for families and photographers to share the space. This makes Coronado beach the best spot for mini sessions! I can have family after family show up and switch spots with ease. This also allows to get so many different looks and landscapes. My favorite place to start at golden hour is the dunes! Next I love to run down to the beach which is a perfect opportunity to catch some in-between shots. Finally, we finish down by the water to get epic reflections and dreamy, misty waves. This beach makes being a coronado photographer a dream. 

Coronado Photographer

The Delaney’s 

Hank and Chloe were the first of my families for my night of mini sessions. They are the sweetest military family and lived in Coronado for many years before moving out to Imperial Beach. They have the cutest 1 year old baby girl named Kaia. As you can expect with a lot of babies born in that last few years, Kaia has some serious stranger danger. Chloe’s exact words were “Just wanted to give you a heads up that Kaia has super-stranger danger so if we can get any photos of the three of us where she looks even remotely happy/isn’t scowling at you and the camera, I will consider that a win. 😂”  I definitely thought I had my work cut out for me, but Kaia didn’t need any help smiling at all! She was so cute and giggly the whole time! Check it out for yourself! 

Coronado Photographer


November 30, 2022

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