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Covid Sealing Day | Grand Victorian Wedding Venue | Katie and Jon

Grand Victorian Wedding Venue | Covid Sealing Day | Katie and Jon

Oquirrh Mountain Temple

Ah! They are officially sealed!! We shot their engagement photos last spring!! We had no idea that their wedding day plans would turn upside down so fast after that! They got married in a small ceremony in their home on their planned wedding day, and then 6 months to the day, they were sealed!! They got sealed in the Oqurrih Mountain Temple! It was so fun to get to meet their families and friends that day! There was such a peaceful feeling over the whole crew on their COVID Sealing Day!

Covid Sealing Day

Parking Lot Outfit Change

Katie and Jon changed in a pop up tent in the parking lot! It was genius! They even had a full length mirror! It was the perfect fall weather and I loved getting to reconnect with these two! I knew Jon in college and I’m SOOO happy he found Katie! They are the perfect match!

Covid Sealing Day

Grand Victorian Wedding Venue

Since they were married, they already found a fur baby to join them! Their siblings took turns taking care of the puppy through out the reception!! We even took some family picutres of all three of them around the venue! This new venue is called the Grand Victorian and it’s in the Layton area! There are so many picture spots and it’s beautiful inside and outside!

Covid Sealing Day

Crumbl Cookies Wedding

They had Crumbl cookies, pizza and cereal! They wanted their favorite treats so they made it happen! It was totally unique and everyone loved it! Congrats to these two!! Enjoy!!

Covid Sealing Day

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